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Surefire Ways to Get Media Coverage

The Program:

Experts who garner media coverage get more business and higher fees. The more prospects who know about you, the more your phone rings.

This makes sense — you want to get in front of more prospects so your phone rings more often; you want a stream of people calling you to work with them.

So how do you get reporters to call? What are effective ways to get their attention and what’s a waste of time? How do you become a reporter’s go-to person on your topic? What activities can you do yourself without hiring a publicist?

Listen to these three experts who have years of experience getting the word out.

Joan Stewart How to Deliver the Perfect Pitch to Journalists, Broadcasters & Bloggers and Hit It Out of the Park
with Joan Stewart
Gerard Braud Be a Media Star: Must-Know Tips Before Opening Your Mouth to a Reporter
with Gerard Braud
Susan Young Increase Your Revenue NOW: Get Free Publicity to Grow Your Business
with Susan Young

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Get all three programs, in MP3 format, for only $34.


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  • Susan Young’s PR Tips

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