SpeakerNet News Intensives

Use Video Online and On Air
to Explode Your Business

The Program:

YouTube is making people famous within weeks. Even video with poor lighting, focus or talent can make someone a star. So imagine what can happen if you use good production and delivery techniques? You can parlay your own videos into appearances on main-stream media, exploding your brand.

These three teleseminar interview recordings take on video exposure from different angles. They cover production values, preparing yourself to appear your best, knowing your talking points, then leveraging your performance to get on broadcast TV. Learn from three pros how you can use video to boost your business.

The following three SNN programs are included, in MP3 format. Click on their titles to see their individual descriptions for more details of each.

Barbara Niven Hollywood On-Camera Secrets to Creating Blockbuster Videos
with Barbara Niven
Shawne Duperon Master the Camera to Expand Your Exposure
with Shawne Duperon
Dian Thomas How to Get a Million Dollars Worth of Free Television Coverage
with Dian Thomas

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Get all three programs, in MP3 format, for only $34.


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