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Audience Involvement Equals More Bookings

The Program:

You’ve been in the audience with speakers who drone on for hours. You shift in your chair, trying to keep alert and focused, but finally succumb to boredom. Your phone, tablet, or laptop comes out and you entertain yourself by responding to emails, texting your friends, and/or catching up on Facebook.

You never want to be a speaker who causes people to mentally escape. You want to engage people, and that requires getting them involved. Would you like to enlarge your portfolio of options to add to every presentation, whether a keynote or workshop? Do you know which techniques work well and which will backfire? Would you like some sure-fire processes that will work even with cynical audiences?

These three recordings will give you some ideas to add to your repertoire, as well as tips on how to use them successfully.

Izzy Gesell Keep ’Em Engaged and Attentive: Having Effective Interactivity in Every Program
with Izzy Gesell, CSP
Karen Lawson Get Your Audiences Involved and Get More Business
with Karen Lawson, PhD, CSP
Frank Bucaro Audience Involvement Strategies for Involuntary, Cynical, and Non-Participatory Attendees
with Frank Bucaro, CSP, CPAE

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