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Bob Wendover

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I am about to release a new book and want to develop a book trailer or have one developed for me. What are others’ experiences? Is DIY the way to go? Does it require a professional? Are there companies that specialize in this? What should I expect to invest in time and treasure?

— Shep Hyken

I had a book trailer made with and it was very reasonable.

— Chuck Reaves

Tremendous Life Press (Charlie Tremendous Jones’ successor company) published one of mine this year and had a pro develop the trailer. I think they did an awesome job — but how objective can the author/talent be? This was shot on a green screen and edited by some very talented people.

I now do most of my own trailers such as the one I’m currently using on YouTube and Facebook. Developing the ability to create my own trailers allows me to quickly develop similar pieces 1) while on the road — even on airplanes, 2) as a value-added service to clients and, 3) as embedded emphasis in proposals which increases closing ratios.

— Randy Pennington

I shot and edited mine myself. I don’t think of this as trailer as much as it is a discussion about the book. We are looking at a more traditional trailer later on, but for now, we wanted to go with a discussion about the book.

Also, I don’t know if you are familiar with Fiverr, but Scott McKain put his trailer together using pieces that he ordered from there.

— Dan Poynter

Rocky Lang, Books to Film,, 818/203-8385.

— Dave Lieber

I made my own. I didn’t think it was worth the expense to hire a big time company and pay a lot. I just wanted a presence that wasn’t embarrassing to me or to the book. I filmed it. My son did the narration. The music is free because the guy takes donations. And I hired the a/v teacher at the local high school to edit it together for me. It got good reviews from folks because it was different.

— Judith Briles

One of the least expensive ways to create a book trailer is to use Animoto. Up to 30 seconds is free, from 30 to 10 minutes, $30 a year. You can use video, key phrases, upload scenes, pics, illustrations. Music library is included or you can upload your own.

— Lynn Robinson

I used Marianne Nowicki at Nowicki Productions ( for book trailers for three of my books. She was great to work with and reasonably priced. She’s also provided editing for some meditation and instructional videos I created. I highly recommend her!

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