SpeakerNet News Compilations

Items which are too long to put in the weekly newsletter are put onto Web pages for easy viewing. The most recent postings are listed at the top. Earlier postings are grouped into interest categories.


Recent Postings

PowerPoint Designers Sally Strackbein
Best Practices for Webinars Stephanie Scotti
Pre-Selling Books Mary LoVerde
Panel Moderation Ideas Helen Spielman
Photo Resources Sally Strackbein
What to Say at the End of an Interview Dale Collie
Improving Listening Skills Jean Palmer Heck
Replacing Lost Purchases Paulette Ensign
Book Trailer Producers Bob Wendover
Audience Physical Activities Noah St. John
Proofreaders Helen Spielman
Organizing Research Material Shumi Shetty
How to respond to LinkedIn contact requests from people you don’t know Lisa Fahoury

Sales & Marketing

Magazine Ad Designers Dan Janal
Venues to Give Gratis Speeches Michael Schatzki
Auctioning Your Services Sarah Layton
Print vs. Digital Marketing Materials Bill Stainton
Copywriter Recommendations Jan Vermeiren
Vistage Kathy Kerchner
Resources for Sales Reps Bill Conerly
Selling an E-Course BOR Lisa Braithwaite
Getting Good Promo Photos Tony Moore
Back-of-Room Sales Ed Smith
Executive Roundtables Kathy Fediw
One-Sheet Designers Melissa Lewis
How Meeting Planners Drive Speakers Crazy Peggy Duncan
Getting Income from No-fee Engagements JoAnn Hines
Selling Products Back-of-Room Dave Sherman
Pitching Major Publications Mary Cantando
Locally-Sponsored Events Tim Richardson
Sales-Oriented Publications Todd Natenberg
Creative Tactics for Compensation Laura Stack
Speaking on Cruises Rebecca Morgan
Cheap Marketing Ideas Tom Letourneau
Speaking for The Executive Committee (TEC) John Haskell
Splitting Proceeds in a Fundraiser Tag Goulet
Using Book Postcards/Covers for Book Promotion Patti Hathaway
Selling to the Referral Market David "The Nac" Naccari
Survey of How Professional Speakers and Trainers get New Business Marilynn Mobley
Getting a Sponsor Nanette Miner
Using Volunteers for Back-of-the-Room Sales Assistance Jim McCraigh
How to Charge for Remote Seminars Ann Wylie
Fee Guidelines for Delivering Webcasts Ann Wylie

Better Presentations

Self-Introductions Dawn Bjork Buzbee
Dealing with Negative Evaluations Kelly Nickel
Social Networking During a Presentation Stephanie Scotti
Stress-Reduction Exercises Marty Jeffers
Flip Chart Alternatives Kathy Fediw
Are you a motivational speaker? Rita Risser Chai
What to Do When Being Introduced Sharon Ferrier
Ways to Ward Off Stage Fright Bill Lampton
How to Handle a Noisy or Chatty Audience Liz Pearson
Dealing with Unruly Behavior Meggin McIntosh
Keeping Your Voice Strong Ron Sukenick
234 Things I've Learned about Speaking Scott Ginsberg
Saving Your Voice Olivia Fox Cabane
Handling a Medical Emergency Rita Makana Risser
How to Hone Your Speaking Skills Mare Petras
Turning Training into Keynotes Tracy Peterson Turner
Time Management Tips for Presenters Laura Stack
Speaking to People with Disabilities Paul Horn
Royalty-Free Music Stu McLaren
Speech Coach Recommendations Donna Cutting
Using Props in Presentations Patti Hathaway
Listening Skills Resources Kathleen Gage
Master of Ceremonies Tips Rob Sherman
Business Casual Dress on the Platform? Kevin Quinley
Creative Training Strategies Jeff Blackman
Carry overheads when using PowerPoint? Ann Wylie
DISC Celebrity Representatives David Greenberg
Training and Presentation Magazines Mitchell Friedman
Adapting a talk for a large audience Abby Marks-Beale
Why carry your own microphone? Ken Braly
Dealing with Hecklers Ann Wylie
Wireless Microphones Susan Miller
Working with Blind Audience Members Clark Roberts

Running Your Business

A Sticky Situation Rita Emmett
Creative Business Cards Alan Black
Virtual Assistants Who Also Do Web Maintenance David Lee
Color Handouts, or B&W? Anne Baber
To Blog or to Ezine? Michael Fraidenburg
Access to Scholarly Journals Mike Schatzki
Toll-Free Number Providers   ’08   ’05  
Finding and Hiring a Salesperson Bill Stainton
Incorporation/Business Structure Questions Bill Cole
Postage Machines Kimberly Baca
Seminars vs. Workshops Kevin Quinley
Translation Services Michael Schatzki
Paying Foreign Taxes Jake Norton
All-in-One Merchant Cards Rita Makana Risser
Giving Away Old Books Sally White
Giving Clients Your Materials Beth Terry
Intellectual Property Theft George Walther
Associations Profiting from Speaker Materials N. Brecher
Bartering with Hotels Rita Risser
Graduation Ideas Rebecca Morgan
Free or Cheap Meeting Rooms Joan Stewart
Maximizing Award PR Grant Corbett
Giving Your PowerPoint to Clients Sally White
4-Color Business Card Printers James Farnham
Including Expenses in Fees Resli Costabell
Tracking Article Submissions Helen Wilkie
Getting Testimonials Dottie Burman
PR Advice Carolyn Bercovitz
Transcriptionist Services SNN Readers
Intellectual Property Attorneys Dede Bonner
Roger Herman
Best Day/Time for Teleseminars Doug Germann
What Speakers Pay Their Assistants Ann Wylie
Giving Business Cards DJ Watson
Tips for Finding and Working with a Cartoonist Updated
California Healthcare Info Mooneen Mourad
Discounting Local Programs Joan Burge
Affiliate Programs for Services Rebecca Morgan
Finding a Graphic Artist Carolyn Bercovitz
Hiring Researchers Bill Stainton
Laminating Machines Jeff Davidson
Ideas on Lightening Up Workplaces Lynn Durham
Fulfillment Companies Linda Brakeall
About Practice Pay Solutions Melissa Mayers
Determining Profitability of an Engagement Mike McLaughlin
Requiring a Deposit Ann Wylie
Shipping Products to Canada Rebecca Morgan
Trademark Lawyers & Cost Ann Wylie
Part-Time Staff Melissa Mayers
What about Bureau Fees? Bill Bruck
What Do You Do with Held Dates? Bill Bruck
Meeting Terminology Marita Littauer
How to set up a mastermind group Mitchell Friedman
Hiring an Assistant Tim Richardson
Hiring Interns Diane Bolton
Responses on Jury Duty Paul Goldner
Government Purchasing Rules Diane Weiss
How to Use Article Reprints Helen Wilkie

Creating Books and Products

On-Demand Printing of Coffee Table Books Elayne Savage
Video Editor Recommendations Brenda Bence
Turning Books into Workbooks Bill Stainton
Self-Published Book Distributors Andrew Holoubek
Getting Newsletter Sign-Ups Vicki Hess
Publishing Contract Advice Resli Costabell
Self-Publishing Comparisons Nancy Lininger
Translating Your Materials Kristin Arnold
Video Duplication and Fulfillment Bill Stainton
Effective Book Marketing Strategy Jill Konrath
Electronic Publications for Your Articles Linda Napier
Finding Videographers Tracey Conway
Book-Signing Party Suggestions Rita Emmett
CD Duplication Karen Cortell Reisman
Book Production Resources - Layout, Cover Design, Cartoonists Joanne Victoria
Selling Books on Your Web Site Mary Byers
Inhibiting "Sharing" of eBooks Ann Wylie
Moving from Audiotapes to CDs David Lee
More Book Editors Ed Smith
Book Title Resources Linda Reeder
iUniverse.com and 1stBooks.com David Granirer
Ghostwriters Carol Frank
Book Printing on Demand DJ Watson
Book Contracts Kathie Hightower
Audio Duplicators Rick Moody
Cost-Effective Color Printing for Workbooks Richard Hadden
Video Duplication Rich Delaney
Unique Book Promotion Ideas James DeSena
Book Consignment Marilyn Glazer
Book Contract Attorneys and Web Sites Rosemarie Rossetti
Printing Rights Tom Terrific
Short-Run Printers Noah St. John
Book Editors Dave Richardson
Book Designers Linda Brakeall
Audio vs. CD Products Patti Hathaway
Tips for co-authoring a book Rebecca Morgan
Getting Paid for Articles Linda Francis


Blog Setup Jeff Keller
Web Designer Recommendations   ’10   ’08   ’03  
Favorite iPhone Apps for Speakers Pat Raymond
Presentation Remotes Mike Bechtle
Video Editing Software Sally House
Web-Based Contact Management Solutions Dave Paradi
Membership Site Management Linda Spangle
Help Setting up a WordPress Membership Site Lynne Richards
SEO Expert Recommendations Ann Wylie
Adding Audio to Your Web Site Thei Zervaki
Copyright-Free Images Robert Alan Black
Audio Recording Tools Karen Wright
Audio Editor Recommendations David Lee
Digital Voice Recorders   ’08   ’05   ’03  
Microphone Advice for Voiceovers Michael Fraidenburg
Digital Camera Mic Questions Barbara Thompson
E-Learning Advice Bob Wendover
Web-Embedded MP3 Players Mike Schatzki
Microphone Techniques and Tips Bill Stainton
Shopping Cart/Mailing Manager Analysis Ian Griffin
Buying a Laptop Billy Simms
Using Vonage Billy Simms
Anti-Spam Products and Services Mike Schatzki
Remote Presentation Devices (updated) Lisa Braithwaite
Telephone Bridge Services (updated) Jeff Keller
Web Site Copywriters Michael Schatzki
E-Commerce Shopping Carts Carole Copeland Thomas
Email Newsletter Distributors Ann Wylie
Online Survey Services Eddie Leigh
Noise-Canceling Headphones Rebecca Morgan
Voice Recognition Software Rita Risser
Virtual Collaboration Software Jan Jasper
Web Hosting Companies Ariane Goodwin
Owning Your Own Projector Jan Jasper
Royalty-Free Image Sources Patrick Lee
Remote Presentation Devices Nancy Stern
Wireless Networks Ben Levitan
Bridge Line Supplier Recommendations Rebecca Morgan
Digital Projectors Tom Terrific
Home Recording Studio Tom Terrific
New Domain Extensions Dave Richardson
Automated E-mail Systems Ellen Finkelstein
Using a Minidisc Recorder for Your Speeches (pdf)   Terry Brock
What Contact Manager Do You Use? Eileen McDargh
Managing an E-Zine Rob Sherman
Web Site Builder Software David Naccari
Web/Email Marketing Gordon Burgett
Email Signature Files Bill Bruck
Picking a Computer Projector Tom Terrific
Audio and Video Clips on a Web Site Noah St. John
Computer Audio Recording and Editing Tom Krauska
Eliminating "Jaggies" from PowerPoint Dan Janal
Distance Learning Tips Diane DiResta
Posting Schedule/Calendar on Web Site Nancy Miller
California Spam Law Jim McCraigh


Getting Podcast Interviews Milo Shapiro
Radio-TV Interview Report Jim Bouchard
National Broadcast Interviews Fire "Captain Bob" Smith
Publicity Tips Joan Stewart
Publicity Kit Ideas Patti Hathaway
Satellite TV Media Tours Rebecca Morgan


Listing Gratuities for Client Reimbursement Meredith Hamilton
Using Cell Phones When Traveling Abroad Carole Copeland Thomas
Recovering from Jet Lag Linda Napier
Carry-On Bags Dawn Bjork Buzbee
Shoe Recommendations Melissa Lewis
Economical Ways to Call Home from Overseas Mike Schatzki
Luggage Recommendations for Long Trips Jeff Keller
Healthy Choices in Airport Food Ann Wylie
Working in Canada Michael Schatzki
Travel Reward Credit Cards Nancy Lininger
Tipping Hotel Employees Jim "Spyder" Weber
Tips for speaking in China Dan Janal
Australia Tips JJ Lauderbaugh
Speaking Engagements on Cruise Lines Denise Corcoran
South Africa Info Zelda Robinson

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