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Sally Strackbein

What stock photo source do you use when you need a photo for your presentation and don’t have a photo of your own that works?

See also an earlier compilation on this subject.

— Georganne Bender

We just joined Dollar Photo Club’s VIP program for $99 a year. It’s described on the website as “A dedicated image bank exclusively for creative professionals. Curated by FOTOLIA, the world’s #1 stock photo marketplace, Dollar Photo Club provides unique access to over 25 million images.”

— Kelley Robertson

I use Dollar Photo Club for images for all of my presentations. DollarPhotoClub.com It’s inexpensive and their photos are high-resolution.

— Alfred Poor

I’m a big fan of Big Stock Photo: bigstockphoto.com. The photos are not free, but they are a cut above the average free stock photo site and I like the user interface for searching and browsing. They have subscription plans, but I work in bursts throughout the year, so I just purchase credits. If you buy 25 credits (which are valid for one year), you can get 25 web-size images for less than $2 an image, which I think is a very reasonable price.

For a much more limited but more intriguing collection, check out deathtothestockphoto.com. They send you a batch of free photos every month that are edgy and creative. I particularly like to crop some of their images to create a totally different picture. The images are very versatile, and free. (They have a $10/month premium program that sends you two collections each month, plus access to all past collections.)

— Dave Crisp

I use clipart.com.

— Meggin McIntosh

I subscribe to ThinkStockPhotos.com and have for about 10 or 12 years. Their images are fabulous and I am able to use them on my websites, in handout materials, and PowerPoint presentations. They completely spoiled me for some of the less-expensive ones I used to subscribe to :) My graphic designer is able to work with their high-res ones and customize as needed.

— Rita Risser

My favorite source is flickr.com. If you use “creative commons-licensed” photos they are free and can be used in a presentation. Most of these photos are not taken by professionals and that’s what I like about them. They have an “in-the-moment” real-life feel about them that makes them more memorable than slick shots.

— Bonnie Mattick

I use photos that I purchase through a license agreement (very reasonable) from a fantastic photographer, Jake Egbert, JakeEgbert@gmail.com. Go to JakeEgbertPhotography.com and see what he has available. He has a wide variety of scenic, human interest and wildlife photos — very nice.

— Joyce Weiss

I use Dreamstime.com. The best ones cost a few dollars, yet the free ones are also great.

— Kristin Arnold

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