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Book Consignment

Marilyn D. Glazer

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Here are the responses that I received about my request for advice on selling books to stores on consignment.

-- Joanne V. Lichten

BookMarketing Plus, a wholesaler, provides books to Barnes & Noble at 55% discount. They pay consignment 90 days after the sale. They recycle books. If returns come in, they turn around and send them out to next customer.

Ingram expects a 55% discount, they pay 90 days after books shipped. If returns, Ingram send back to author and bill for shipping.

-- Marcia Reynolds

  • 1-2 books: 20%
  • 3-9 books: 30%
  • 10+: 40%
  • Chains expect 40% regardless

-- Stan Jones

40% if they buy and 30% on consignment - just use a receipt.

-- Rick Crandall

  • 40% - full consignment
  • Amazon 55% (store + wholesaler discounts) or 40%

-- Jim Donovan

DON'T give to bookstores on consignment (still trying to collect from 1996). Sell books at 50% instead.

Try selling on places other than bookstores.

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