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Mike Bechtle

I’m looking for recommendations for a simple, powerful handheld remote for PowerPoint presentations. No bells and whistles, just one that is very small, advances and reverses slides (that’s it — nothing fancy), enables blacking out the screen, and works from a reasonable distance without having to aim it at the computer.

Honeywell Pro Presenter

— Jerry Teplitz

I use Pro Presenter by Honeywell and it fits all your requirements.

— Bob Romano

I recommend the Honeywell Power Presenter RF. It’s guaranteed to work up to 150 feet but I’ve been even farther in the back of a huge ballroom and it still works, even through walls. It’s also simple to operate with just three buttons and I’ve used it for about two years.

— Eileen McDargh

Tiny. simple. 150 feet. I use the basic USB model. I love mine. powerremote.com

— Bonnie Mattick

Honeywell makes an excellent remote controller — small and easy to use.

— Corbin Ball

This is the best one I have used.


— Candace Fitzpatrick

I didn’t want anything fancy, either. I recommend the Kensington Presentation Mouse (Model # 33374) because it is easy to use (forward, backward, black-out and a laser pointer), fits in your hand nicely (ergonomically designed), uses AAA batteries, and the wireless USB stick turns the unit off when you insert it into the mouse, thereby preserving battery life. As a result, the USB receiver is seldom lost or misplaced. At about $35 it is a reasonable price, too. This is larger than some of the newer presentation devices, but it has pretty decent range (60 feet). You can get another one that has a range of 150 feet (not as ergonomically designed), or another one with a range of 50 feet that also has a USB thumb drive so you can have your presentation handy.

I facilitate day-long meetings — sometimes up to four days in a row. The batteries last a long time — I love this mouse! I have two versions of it and I would not give them up for anything!

— Stephanie Zonars

I use the Kensington SP400 Smart Pointer Pro and have never had any issues with it. It’s not the smallest, but it’s reliable in terms of distance and is simple to use. It was also less expensive than other makes/models I looked at.

— Marty Fahncke

I love, love, love my Kensington. It’s exactly what you described.

— Jane Stanfield

I love my Kensington, 2.46 GHz model. It has a 60-foot radius. Shaped like a small dumbbell, the thing I like the most is that the USB stick fits into the handle. I have used it on my Mac but also connected it to other laptops with no issues. It is easy to use and under $30, I have used mine for 4 years with no problems.

— Audrey Thomas

I can’t live without my Kensington remote, Model #33062. It works off a USB and I can advance slides from throughout the room, without having to point it at my laptop. The USB stores inside the remote and the unit includes a laser pointer.


— Becky Hooman

I have been using a Targus remote for almost a year. It is small, simple to operate, and self-contained (the USB connector fits inside the remote). Targus 2.4 GHz Wireless Laser Presentation Remote, Range up to 30 Feet AMP03US (Black), approx. $45

— Dave Kelly

I use a simple Targus remote that I got at Office Depot for $30. It is small and fits easily in my hand. I am very expressive, so if I am going to tell a story or want my hands free, it slides easily into my shirt pocket. It does the things you asked: advance, reverse, and black out the screen. It also has a laser pointer that I use quite a bit. The claim is that is will work from 250 feet away. I have never measured it, but I have used it some large halls and had no problem walking through the audience and still advancing my slides.

— Karen Wright

I’ve used a Targus for a few years and it’s great. Simple. Forwards, blacks out, moves from slide advancement to LED pointer with a flip of a button. Small. Cheap. As good as any of the more expensive types.

This model — don’t believe I spent more than $30 for this. Probably from Radio Shack. Check online for deals.

— Michelle Devlin

I use one from Targus. You plug it into the laptop with a USB wireless (or corded) device. I bought it when I used my Dell computer and then switched to Mac. Works beautifully for both! Comes with a velour bag where I can even keep a spare set of batteries.


— Paul Radde

Keyspan from Radio Shack...about $25, is excellent. You can put it in your pocket and work it from there. No problem with distance. Darkens the screen. Has a laser as well.

— Dave Crisp

Best bar none for me is a Keyspan PR-Pro3. What makes it great are

  • the compactness — the radio USB plugin clicks right into the main body, so all you only carry the single unit,
  • the on-off switch so you can carry it with batteries in without running them down because a key is pressed by your bag,
  • the F5 key which causes the presentation to go to it’s title slide from wherever you are and
  • the blackout key to blank the screen.

It has a laser pointer (I rarely use), and mouse capability (sometimes use), but is nonetheless so simple I can hand it to a novice and say — here are the back and forward buttons and away they go like a pro. I can’t imagine anything could be simpler and yet easy to carry and comprehensive.


— Dan O’Day

Interlink’s Remote Point Navigator does exactly what you describe. I’ve used it for several years and am quite happy with it.

— Rita Risser

I use an Interlink. Works great, and I think it was $15.

— Helen Wilkie

I love my Interlink Navigator. I bought it after having to work with so many poor remotes provided by clients, and it’s never let me down. Works up to about 50 feet, and you don’t have to point it at anything. It has forward, backward, blackout and even a laser pointer. You can buy it online for about $75. Highly recommended.

— Dave Paradi

The one I have used for years is the Interlink Electronics RemotePoint Navigator. It is well-constructed, simple, works over a large distance, and has been reliable every time. You can usually get them at Fry’s or online at CDW.


— Melinda Henning

Logitech R400 is my favorite. I like it because it is small, fits easily in the hand, has the BKey/blank the screen button, laser pointer (which I rarely use, but it is a relatively strong light), and, best of all, the USB stick can be stored in a slot inside the remote, so you don’t lose it.

— Pamela Adams

Logitech makes a great one. It also has a countdown timer so you don’t have to rely on a clock in the room or awkwardly check your watch and the USB stick stores in the back of the device. A bell and whistle worth having!

Other brands

— Lisa Braithwaite

The remote I recommend: RemotePoint Onyx.

I chose it for the following reasons:

  • Ease of use — it has only a couple of features (forward, backward, black slide), and the USB plug is stored inside the remote (it does have a laser pointer that I never use).
  • It fits well in my hand and the buttons are intuitively placed.
  • 100-ft range — I’m a little paranoid about being too far away from the computer when I present and this alleviates that.

— Dave Balch

I’ve been using Atek RM100 Tote-Remote RM100 for years and it’s FANTASTIC — so small you can palm it with no problem. I never understood those big bulky remotes... UGH

Problem... apparently they will be hard to find for some reason. I don’t know where you can get one, but I would sure give it a shot. Maybe eBay??

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SpeakerNet News is produced by Rebecca Morgan and Ken Braly. It is not affiliated with the National Speakers Association. Send comments or suggestions