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Here are the responses I received to my request for a book editor.

-- Susan Page

Great editor: Amanita Rosenbush: 510-832-0997

-- Susan Friedmann

Tim Polk - Polkpar72@aol.com

-- Mary Byers

I just worked with a guy named Stuart Horwitz. He edited a book proposal for me and I found him to be insightful, direct, on target, tactful, and able to see things I couldn't see in my own writing. He was referred to me by a fellow NSA member, Susan Page, author of "The Shortest Distance Between You and a Published Book."

Stuart's phone number is 415-419-3545 and his e-mail address is kafkapoet@aol.com. His initial consultation is free and includes defining the scope of the project and an estimate of hours it will take to edit your project. After that, he charges $50 per hour.

-- Dana Cassell

Ind bios and request a search for experienced book editors at http://writers-editors.com

-- Anne-Marie Rennick

I would like to recommend Lisa Inderwick as a book editor. She is dependable, professional, knowledgable & best of all let's your natural style shine through while making you sound just that much better!

You can contact her at
Lisa Inderwick
(613) 836-7055

-- Suzy Allegra

I have used Tim Polk. He is great! What I love best about him is that he EDITS my book, and doesn't try to make it his book, which is what happened to me with another editor I used a few years ago. His phone number is: (707) 568-7322. Email: POLKpar72@aol.com

-- Patti Hathaway

I would highly recommend Tim Polk as a book editor. He edited my book proposal as well as my entire book. He has ghostwritten books and articles for other people as well. Tim and I met initially when he worked for Crisp Publications so he has experience with editing as well as the publishing business. Tim has quick turn-around, excellent suggestions, and very good prices. He can be contacted at polkpar72@aol.com.

-- Rosalind Sedacca

I can highly recommend David Kohn as a top-notch book editor with many years of experience. He has numberous books under his belt and has written several himself. David's also active in our Florida Speakers Chapter so understands our industry. Contact him and check him out for yourself.

See also a later list of editors.

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