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Melissa Mayers

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Here are the responses I got regarding Practice Pay Solutions.

-- Ron Rosenberg

We're also looking into Practice Pay. The only concern I have with them is that they charge a 1-1/2% premium for government and corporate "purchasing cards" that is not charged by the other option I'm looking at, SouthTrust Bank.

I'm sending this information on to James at Practice Pay to see if he has any room to maneuver, since we do a fair amount of business involving these two types of cards.

-- Shane Bowlin

I am a virtual assistant and four of my clients are signed up with Practice Pay Solutions. I did the research into providers and set up the accounts. I process the charges or we have it automatically processed through my clients' Web sites.

PPS is very easy to use and the customer service is excellent.

-- Vilis Ozols, MBA, CSP

I've had great success with Practice Pay. I use them for my web site and have used them for the Colorado Speakers Association Web Site where I'm the web master. I've also recommended them to Colorado Independent Publishers Association and so far no one has had any complaints.

-- Marcia Reynolds

I love Practice Pay. Great customer service. Works perfectly so far.

-- Rich Delaney, Treasurer, NSA-Kansas City

Practice Pay Solutions has been wonderful to us. As an NSA Chapter they walked us through the process and answered all the questions we had. We have been totally pleased with them.

-- Bob Loy

I have had nothing but good things from Practice Pay Solutions. Been with them year and half.

-- Rick Segel, CSP

Practice Pay works fine. They pay on time and they are accurate. The only caution is they are a little more money than they say they are because they have extra charges for foreign cards, corporate cards, and debit cards that are in the fine print of the agreement. It is an extra 1 to 2% depending on those cards but it's not enough not to do business with them. It's just one of those little annoying things that aggravate you at first. Their prices are pretty good to begin with so it doesn't make that much of a difference; just don't be shocked when see an extra charge. I wouldn't switch from them.

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