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Here are all the cover designers recommended by SpeakerNet News readers!

SNN Editors' note: see also this compilation

-- Ben Saltzman

I work with Amy Sibiga and she is wonderful. She is an award winning cover designer who has not let her talent go to her head or her prices. Her communication is great and she listens to your needs. She also does interior book layouts and can help with the design process. Her number is 831/459-9955. Tell her Ben sent you.

-- Aleta Pippin

I used Autumn Lew for my cover and was very pleased with her. She also designed Marilyn Sherman's cover. You can reach Autumn at 918/491-8441.

-- Susan Levin

Dotti Albertine of Albertine Design does all my book covers she is creative, innovative and the best. 310/450-0018, dotdesign@earthlink.net.

-- Dave Balch

I recommend Kathi Dunn of Dunn & Associates, 715/634-4857, info@dunn-design.com

-- Patti Hathaway

I would highly recommend Gary Hoffman as a book cover designer (he also did the entire inside book design and layout for me). He is very reasonable and creative. He can be contacted at 614/891-4927 or jdiapollo@netwalk.com.

He has also done the book covers of the following NSAers: Jack Park, CSP; Elizabeth Fried, PhD, and Rob Sherman, JD. Aside from my book cover, he also designed the accompanying audio tape album cover and is currently working on cover versions for my video learning program and CD-ROM. Visit the product section of my website if you would like to see my change book and audio album cover that Gary designed. (He asked for people to use my name when you call him so he knows where you got his name.)

-- Rosalind Sedacca

The graphic designer I work with is a top-notch pro whose designed several book jackets along with all other marketing materials for speakers and corporations. His name is Richard Munson, Blue Wave Design in North Palm Beach, Florida. His phone is: 561 775-9607. Highly recommend his skill, dedication, expertise, fair pricing and attitude.

-- Roger Herman

All our work is done through Oakhill Press, our publisher. They have several designers. Based on what we're trying to accomplish, they assign a designer to work with us and it's great. We can go back and forth and we have full approval.

Oakhill publishes all our books. We pay them to do it and they handle everything with great efficiency. Editing, ISBN, copyright (in our name), Bowker listings, typesetting, printing, binding, and distribution to bookstores. Great deal! Contact Ed Helvey at 540/877-1689. Sure beats all the time and hassle of self-publishing. All the benefits and none of the headaches. Wonderful 8-week turnaround.

-- Bob Perks

I've only had one experience with a cover designer but when I'm ready to do it again I'll return to Lightbourne Images, Gaelyn Larrick, 541/488-3060. She was so pleasant to work with and very professional. She wasn't the most expensive and certainly not the cheapest. But she was on time, accurate and cared deeply about my project. Her job is to convey in pictures, colors and design what your book covers in content. If people aren't attracted to your cover on the book store shelf, the book will only sell when you are pushing it.

Here's how she measured her success. She told me that she periodically goes to bookstores and looks for her work. If you notice, some books face outward, others sit normally on the shelf. She asked a manager how they determine which books face full front. "Looks, quality" she was told. They use them to make the store more attractive.

Most of hers were facing full front. If you have any other questions contact me. Mention my name to her, please.

-- Marv Marshall

My vote goes to Robert Howard, 970/225-0083, RHGD@verinet.com (Robert Howard Graphic Design).

Robert creates after a personal conversation with the client. A sample of his work is on the second link of my website (www.MarvinMarshall.com).

-- Tom Lagana

I recommend David Smith of C-Cubed. You may reach him at davidsm124@cs.com.

-- Bill Marvin

You will probably get this recommendation from several folks, but Jim Weems of Ad Graphics (adgraf@aol.com) has done 8 covers for me and I swear by his work.

-- Bill Hodges

I heartily recommend a fellow in the Orlando area Jerry Presnell. He is an artist that I have been working with for 15 years at least and he is very easy to work with. Jerry has a background in package design from when he was the advertising director for a major supermarket company. He can be reached at Npresn7397@aol.com.

-- Larry James

I can't tell you how much my association with NSA member Jim Weems of Ad Graphics has meant to me. He has designed three of my four book covers and I HIGHLY recommend him. He does a lot of covers for NSA members.

-- Melvin Murphy

I read your request and I have an idea for your book design. Have you considered going to a local university and getting a graduate student who is majoring in graphic design to design your book cover? Here's what I had in mind...talk with the dean of the graduate school and tell them you would like to have a contest for graduate students only who are majoring in graphic design to design a national book cover, business cards and any other material to accent your book cover. The prize will be $1000. Then, have the contestants make a real live presentation to you as if you were their real client in the corporate world (which you will be)...they must dress the part.

What's in it for the student? The winner gets EXPOSURE and cash. Real life experience, material to display at interviews etc. Now remember, only one person will win and $1000 is really cheap compared to what seasoned professionals are going to charge for a book cover.

-- Mitchell Gooze

Suggest Jan at London Road Design, jan@londonroad.com.

-- Gloria Dunn

I highly recommend Todd Crawshaw. Visit his web site at www.crawshawdesign.com. I've known him 20 years. He did my book cover and has done my marketing materials over the years. He also did Paula Statman's covers for her books. If you go on his web site, you'll see his talent for yourself.

-- Jean Palmer Heck

I used Kathi Dunn at Dunn and Associates (www.dunn-design.com) and am thrilled with results. I got samples from several different vendors and then laid them out, like they were books at a bookstore. Kathi's stood out for me. She was very nice to work with.

-- Sheryl Roush

I hired Jim Weems of Tulsa, OK to do my recent book cover. You can see the final results at www.SparkleWhenYouSpeak.com/Products

Being a graphic designer for 25 years myself, I was particular what I wanted. I'm pleased with the end result, although this is the fifth make-over.


  • Keep it simple, with white space -- not too cluttered, and easy to read across the room.
  • Stay within the same color keys (yellow, red, orange; not yellow, blue and purple), watch the warm colors mixing with the cool colors.

Look at samples of other covers they have done before you hire. Have a really good idea in your mind of what you absolutely NEED to have, and be flexible to the process -- something greater could happen, as in my case -- the title of the book changed one week before going to press! Be open to even BETTER ideas than your own!

-- Li Hertzi

I have been designing audiotape/CD and book covers for over 10 years and bring to the task a sense of humor, the ability to draw/paint both cartoons and "serious" work (see "Don't Drown in the Carpool" for cartoon style and "The Enneagram Book" for a painting style in the site below) and a hereditary love of design and typography! (My dad was a "real/un-computer assisted" graphic artist, you know, back when they had to do all the work themselves...grin).

These are my newest covers along with some older ones that might inspire you! www.mindspring.com/~lihertzi/Test.html

-- Beverly

John Morgenthaler at Smart Publications has had some winning book cover designs. I am sure he would be happy to direct you to some good sources: jmorgen@smart-publications.com.

-- Jeff Justice

I use Paula Chance -- pachance@bellsouth.net. Many GSA members have used her as well.

-- Kevin O'Connor

George Foster at Foster Covers is my favorite.

-- Edie Raether

I used a new designer for my recent book, and thought she had wonderful design abilities and creativity. She captured the essence of the book in the script. Michelle Glenn, 801/230-5080 or pinkmooninc@lycos.com

-- Jim Sutton

I've used Robert Howard of Robert Howard Graphics in Fort Collins, Colorado. He is excellent and offers great marketing ideas for copy on the back of the book also. Very, very experienced. He has worked a lot with Dan Poynter, one of our NSA publishing gurus. Robert has done three books for me, with great results. (One is a bestseller, thanks to Robert.)

-- Steve Waterhouse

I highly recommend Whitney Campbell at wcdesign@maine.rr.com or 207/846-0768. She did three of my books and I love them. I call her work Madison Ave. quality at Maine prices!

-- Kathy Passanisi

I'd like to recommend Steven Michels-Boyce as a book cover designer. He did my first book -- we're working on a wild second one. I can honestly say my cover sells my book. Steven can be reached at 612/205-0769 (cell) or 612/822-8545 (office) his email is sm-b@visi.com.

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