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Karen Cortell Reisman

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I asked: Could you recommend a fantastic person or company to do: 1) The layout for the interior of a self-published book; 2) book cover design; 3) some cartoons for a book.

Book Designers (Graphic artists for book publishing)


— Linda Henman

I would like to recommend Elaine Floyd for the book designer. Elaine owns EFG Publishing, Inc., a St. Louis based company that handled my book from the rough draft to the final product. Elaine painstakingly read every page to create the best design look that would position my ideas in the best way to make it appeal to my audience, bosses who want to reduce turnover and then created and designed a marketing plan for it.

— Ava Diamond

I recommend Dawn Putney from Toolbox Creative. Their tag line says it all: “Bringing the Funk to Functional Graphic Design.” They’re creative and wonderful to work with.

— Judy Sabah

I’ve been using Karen Saunders of www.MacGraphics.net for many years for any book-related projects. I’m always amazed with Karen’s creativity as I simply tell her about my idea. Very quickly she has produced what I could only describe to her in words.

That would include both interior layout and book covers. Every year she has multiple books that win awards at the Colorado Independent Publishers Assn awards presentation. Visit her website to see her work. You can also reach her at 888/796-7300.

— Robert White

Karen Saunders of MacGraphics is an award-winning cover design and interior layout resource to many speakers and other independent professionals. I recommend her highly. Twenty-four books that she designed have won publishing or design awards, including one that won the 2005 Writer’s Digest Grand Prize for Self Publishing. Her own self-published book, Turn Eye Appeal into Buy Appeal, won best of show at the 2007 Colorado Independent Publishers Association “EVVY” Awards.

She’s experienced, very bright, reasonably priced and easy to work with.

— Patricia Morgan

Book designer Jeremy Drought is a detail guy. In addition to choosing the appropriate cover image, font, layout and paper he attends to the IBSN and negotiates with printers by combining several of his projects. These services make the publishing of your book easier and reasonably priced.

Jeremy Drought, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

— Jewell MKutzer

I can highly recommend Mayapriya Long, Bookwrights Design, as an outstanding designer, both for covers and interior design. She produced both of my books.

She is extremely professional and knowledgeable about all areas of the publishing business. She was originally recommended to me by NSA member and self-publishing guru Dan Poynter.

Sometimes, a book designer will have “a look” and you can pick out a book cover as being from that person. One of the best things about Mayapriya’s designs is that they are truly designed for your book. She is extremely versatile and produces outstanding cover designs for a large variety of book types.

In addition, she has a real “feel” for the interior design of a book, so that it works together with the cover and the book style. Plus, she is pleasant and a delight to work with.



— Larry James

Sue Knopf Graffolio
1528 Mississippi Street
La Crosse, WI 54601
608/784-9355 FAX

— Steve Waterhouse

I highly recommend Whitney Campbell for book layout and cover design. Her work is first class and prices are excellent. She does all of my work, printed and electronic, and I get rave reviews on her work.

Whitney Campbell

— Jim Ziegler

My graphic designers are a husband/wife team, Joe and Liz Birch. They are reasonable and fantastic. Creativity, they have it. My stuff sizzles. inhouse9@comcast.net (Liz) and inhouse8@comcast.net (Joe).

— Joe Heuer

My guy is the best there is. He’s Joe Hausch from Hausch Design Agency in Milwaukee. He has designed my last three books and is an absolute delight to work with.


— Ava Diamond

My self-published book was designed by Rebecca Finkel of F&P design, rebecca@fpgd.com. She did an amazing cover, and the interior looks fabulous. The book has exactly the look I wanted. Rebecca is easy to work with, and reasonably priced.

— Manny Steil

The following people will help your writing a book. I unconditionally recommend the following professionals who were absolutely great in the creation of our latest book. I am a believer of "the proof is in the pudding" and these individuals and organizations are masters of their craft.

— Marv Marshall

Pam Terry
Opus 1 Design
1858 So. Crescent Heights Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90035
Fax: 323/934-2881

— Joyce Weiss

  • Susan Suffes for editorial, 212/682-3799. A doll to deal with and very helpful.
  • Dawn Josephson, 843/785-3770, edits and helps write articles. A doll and very talented.
  • Jenkins Group printed my second book. They did a great job. Jerry Jenkins is the contact, 800/706-4636

— Susan Friedmann

  • Book layout: Jim Weems, Ad Graphics, 800/368-6196
  • Printing: Central Plains, speak to Melody Morris, 877/278-2726

Book Cover Artists

SNN Editors’ note: see also this compilation


— Gayle Martin

I found an excellent illustrator to do the front cover art for my latest book. His name is Wes Lowe. See the cover art.

— Barry Roberts

Andy Friedman’s work can be seen regularly in every major magazine!

— Linda Henman

The graphic artist that I used for the cover was Chris Scavotto. She designed the book to complement my other marketing materials and help me advance my brand. She is also talented at graphics for all marketing material needs.

— Kathie Thomas

David Gaugne from SOHO Creative just did a fantastic cover for my new book and I’m delighted with his work. I found him through Guru.com and will be using him for future books as well.

David Gagne, R.G.D., M.G.D.C.
Creative Director
S O H O | C R E A T I V E


— Larry James

For book cover design, I use:

Ad Graphics, 800/368-6196, www.thebookproducer.com
Allison Wildman, Lightbourne, 800/697-9833, www.lightbourne.com

— Steve Waterhouse

I highly recommend Whitney Campbell for book layout and cover design. Her work is first class and prices are excellent. She does all of my work, printed and electronic, and I get rave reviews on her work.

Whitney Campbell

— Joe Heuer

See my recommendation for Joe Hausch above. This is my 6th self-published book so I’ve got a pretty good (and simple) system.

— Ava Diamond

See my recommendation for Rebecca Finkel above.

— Susan Levin

I wholeheartedly recommend Dotti Albertine — my clients have been so happy with her work, and she is great to work with.

Dotti Alberine
Albertine Book Design
2454 4th Street, #4
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Fax: 310/450-8602

— Sandi Smith

Book cover designers (in order from least expensive to most expensive):

Matt Mitchell
He’s in Arlington. Matt also does interiors.

Vin Schiehagen

Mary-Lynne Bohn

— Edward Smith

For cover design, Ms. Jo-Ann Do at vibecity2@yahoo.com is fabulous. 201/568-0019

— Joyce Weiss

Kathi Dunn designed the cover/back that sells the book. Very creative and a pleasure to work with. 715//634-4857

Sara Patton for the final edit and typesetting. She is very professional. I can’t locate her number. She does live in Hawaii and advertises in book publication magazines. It is worth a search since she did wonders.


SNN Editors’ note: see also this compilation


— Linda Talley

I use Dave Bamberg for my cartoons. He’s great.

— Rita Smircich

I’d like to recommend cartoonist Chris Murphy. Chris did the cartoons in my book — cover, cartoons inside the book and fillers. Has a warped sense of humor like me!


— Bill McCurry

Duffy Langford is my recommendation. I’m working with him now on my fourth book. He’s easy to work with, creates great art that can communicate a message, and he’s a fun guy. Hard to beat that combination.


— Elaine Dumler

Shannon Parish

Go to her Web site to see samples of her work. She does good custom cartoons.

— Manny Steil

Original cartoonist:

Roger Ingebritson

— Joyce Weiss

Steve Ferchaud for creating customized art/cartoons.


— Mike Rounds

If you’re looking for a caricature artist for your media kit and other promo, Patrick Brown. For a mere $100, he’ll do a whole set of caricatures including color, black and white, and a copy suitable for framing. Contact him for samples and details at:

PO Box 3727
Palos Verdes, CA 90274

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