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Mitchell Friedman

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Here are the responses I got to the following question:

I'm looking to subscribe to magazines addressing training and presentation skills, and seek input on what you read, don't read, and why.

-- Brian Pomeroy

Presentations magazine (lots of product reviews, but some good articles, and free to boot!)

I also have bookmarked the following sites:

-- Larry Mersereau

Two great books:

-- Rita Rita Risser, JD, CSP

I get Training and Development magazine and find it almost never helps.

I return again and again to Tom Antion's book, "Wake Em Up Presentations," and Lilly Walters book, What to Say When You're Dying on the Platform.

-- Jeanette S. Cates, Ph.D.

"Presentations" magazine is by far the best resource -- and it's free! Don't miss an issue.

-- Michael D. Lee, CSP

Best one for training and presentation skills is "Presentations". Next best "Training & Development." For technology trainers "Technology Training".

-- Helen Wilkie

I find "Presentations" magazine quite helpful. Heavy on "gizmology" though, so if you are interested in all the latest presentation technology this is the one you want. I'm not, but I still find useful tips. Even if you don't use all the latest stuff, it's good to know what's out there. Check out their web site.

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