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Carry overheads when using PowerPoint?

Ann Wylie

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Here are responses I received to the following question:

Do you lug overheads in addition to your laptop when you're going to make a PowerPoint presentation?

  • Yes, I do lug all my overheads: 5
  • I lug only my key visuals on overheads: 4
  • No, I don't lug any overheads: 16

Suggestions for avoiding/handling technology failures:

  • Carry a CD-ROM version of the PP program; if the laptop crashes, find a replacement to borrow/rent for the day. (9 responses)
  • Back up your PP show and Viewer on a disk and borrow a laptop from someone in the audience if your machine goes down. (9)
  • Pre-arrange for a backup laptop. You can create a presentation within Powerpoint that will run even if the backup laptop does not have Powerpoint software.
  • Carry overheads and request an overhead projector if the computer crashes. (5)
  • Carry only the key visuals and request an overhead projector if the computer crashes. (4)
  • Avoid schlepping overheads by FedExing your backups to the hotel/client. (2)
  • Take your own laptop; there's a higher risk of problems when using an onsite computer.
  • Store a copy of your presentation on the Internet and retrieve it from another laptop, if necessary. Two sources: I-Drive and connected.com. (3)
  • Produce a robust handout and present the program off the handout if your computer goes down. (3)
  • Carry two laptops. (Ms. Anonymous: You aren't the only one!) (2)
  • Email your presentation or send the CD to the client and/or the client's AV people in advance.
  • If all else fails, Kinkos or the hotel business center can use your backup disk/CD to create a backup presentation on slides or overheads.
  • If your visuals are the outline of your presentation, print out the visuals 6-up so you know where you're going next.
  • Record visuals onto a VHS tape and use a VCR and TV to show the slides.
  • Set up and test all your equipment before you get onsite.
  • Always have an additional copy of your PPT file somewhere else on your computer so that if your primary file gets corrupted, you've got a backup to go to immediately.
  • Be prepared to present without the visuals. "If I don't have PP, I just use plain old me!!!" (3)
  • Pray.

Other resources:

  • Mike Rounds offers several articles about projectors, PowerPoint and remote controls at www.roundsmiller.com. Click on articles and resources.
  • Dave Paradi sells a handout from his program "How to Use Presentation Technology" at dparadi@bia.ca

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