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Here was my question: For those familiar with the "DISC" behavioral styles model, I'm looking for current examples of famous people that young people can recognize, who exhibit the four styles.

(Rebecca's note: "DISC" is a popular behavioral profiling system. The letters can signify different terms, depending on the systems source. Two of the most popular systems are from Inscape Publishing (formerly Carlson Learning) and TTI. Inscape uses D to describe "Dominance;" I = "Influence;" S = "Steadiness;" and C = "Conscientiousness.")

Here's the information I received:

TV Shows

  • "Drew Carey Show" - Drew (S), Mimi (I), Mr. Wick (D), Lewis & Oswald (C)
  • "Frasier" - Frasier(I), Niles (C), Dad (D), Daphne (S)
  • "Seinfeld" - Jerry (D), Kramer (S), Elaine (I), George(C)
  • "I Love Lucy" - Ricky (D), Lucy (I), Ethel (S), Fred (C)

Professional Golfers

  • "D" - Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods
  • "I" - Lee Trevino, Peter Jacobson
  • "S" - Tom Kite, Mark O'Meara
  • "C" - Vijay Singh, Ernie Els

Other Famous People

  • Donald Trump - D
  • David Letterman - D
  • Jay Leno - I
  • Bill Clinton - I
  • Martin Luther King - S
  • Gandhi - S
  • Jimmy Carter - C

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