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Postage Machines

Kimberly Baca

I am looking to have a postage machine put in our office. We send out anywhere from 10-75 USPS envelopes/packages a week ranging from 1 ounce to 20 pounds. Any recommendations?

— Jenna Digilio

I would suggest using a program called Endicia. We synch Endicia with our Filemaker program where we take and store our customer orders. From there we can click on the type of package the items will be shipped in, then click the “ship USPS” button and print the appropriate postage in Endicia. Endicia can always be used by itself with manual entry of package weight. The program is nice because you can choose which type of packaging you are using, what mail rate you wish to use and the weight of the package. A convenient option is email notification, where you import the customers email address and it notifies them a package has been sent and provides tracking information if it is chosen as a delivery option. I suggest you check out more information at Endicia.com; their online store also has all the equipment you will need to work with Endicia including a label printer and labels.

— Marsha Petrie Sue

Neopost is what was recommended to me and I LOVE it! They have a range so check them out!

— Nancy Lininger

Dump the machine and check out stamps.com. I love it. Less expensive and more powerful. You have the option of printing right on your envelope, thus saving label supply costs, but even for those times you need to print the stamp on a label, the overall costs are still less expensive. Machine companies charge high monthly fees and giving you the privilege of having their machine in your office. Stamps.com charges a reasonable monthly fee and provides services, such as checking your recipients mailing address to verify it’s a valid delivery address

— Barbara Morris

Dymo Twin Turbo machine to print labels and postage stamps. I buy postage online as I need it through Endicia software that works with Dymo. Couldn’t be easier. To weigh envelopes and parcels I use the same scale used by the USPS: Triner TS-30P. It calculates postage as well. When rates go up you buy a chip that you easily install yourself. For more info call Triner at 800-238-0152.

— Bill Marvin

Don’t get a postage machine. Just get an account with www.stamps.com and you can print postage as you need it.

— Barry Roberts

I’m really happy with stamps.com. Fees range from as low as $16 per month & it all happens on your computer & printer. You do have to buy labels and blank stamps for printing. I find it all very easy, worth the cost & so convenient.

— Jay Arthur

USPS has a program that will print postage and mailing labels easily. We use www.stamps.com

— Meggin McIntosh

I have been a Pitney Bowes customer for years and upgraded 18 months ago to the MailStation2. It works well. The expense is the ink but that’s true for everything.

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