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Best Day/Time for Teleseminars

Doug Germann

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I posted a question about the best days and times for teleseminars. Here is what people told me.

-- Maria Marsala

I'm a certified teleclass leader. I find that it's the subject that's more important. I've had people get up at 6 a.m. in Austalia to attended a class because they liked the topic.

I don't think that any "study" has been done on this subject. However, you might want to contact www.teleclass.com and www.teleclassinternational.com for their opinions.

-- Resli Costabell

Monday through Thursday seems good. Not Friday though Sunday, which can be not quite right for work-life balance.

Here's a perspective form the European market: I live in London, and am on Greenwich Mean Time (usually 5 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time). Teleclasses that start at or before 6 p.m. EST work best for us Europeans. Most seem to start at 7 p.m., which can be bearable, but it's a bit of a motivation test. I won't even consider a teleclass that starts after 7 p.m. EST. If you are only after the American market, then clearly this is a bit meaningless! But if you'd like to bill yourself as an international teleclass leader, keep 'em early!

Even with more personal topics, I personally would prefer them to be Monday through Thursday. A weekend teleseminar would still feel like an appointment, and I like to keep my weekend calendar free, so I'd prefer weekdays. And that might just be me. Friday evenings could be interesting, as they are on the threshold between week and weekend.

-- Susan Niven

I do a lot of teleseminars/web seminars for corporate clients and have only one answer for you ...

It depends!

It depends upon the needs of your participants.
It depends upon time zones involved.
It depends upon other demands on your participants' time (e.g., which are better -- mornings, afternoons, evenings? weekdays? weekends?)
It depends upon many things.

-- Mark McGregor

Days of the week and time: Tuesdays work well followed by Wednesday and Thursdays at 7 p.m. EST.

Why? Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday work well because Mondays and Fridays are hectic work days for most working people. I also find that weekend dates are too busy for working people because they are spending time with family or getting caught up with projects.

This time allows West Coast participants the opportunity to jump in late inthe afternoon while East Coast participants have just finished dinner.

Suggestion: My suggestion is to calculate when your target audience has the greatest amount of disposable time. If you have a strong client relationship, conduct a brief survey and announce you will be delivering a Teleseminar that will benefit them and ask what is the most convenient time for them to participate. Then you get to plug your Teleseminar and find out exactly what your clients require.

Really it depends on your target market and where they live. However, if it was related to spiritual, etc., it may be possible to hold "lunch time" teleseminar programs also. Ask the paying client and see what is best for them!

-- Sandra Schrift

Mon - Thurs., 8-9 p.m. Eastern (then the kids can be in bed); 5-6 p.m. workday over in Pacific time zone.

I have tried them all -- each works.

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