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Rich Delaney

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I asked: I need to know a good place to get my video duplicated. I'd also like suggestions as to the number of videos to make for bureaus and general use.

-- Jan McInnis

Here's who I use -- reasonably priced and I believe their minimum cutoff is 50. They will copy up to a 15 minute tape (I think) with hard cover case and labels on outside.

JM DigitalWorks
2460 Impala Dr.
Carlsbad, CA 92008

-- Brian Urbanski

I worked with a company called Video Duplicating Service in Columbus, Ohio some time back and remember their prices to be very competitive. You can request a bid from their web site at http://www.vds-dubs.com or by calling them at 800-VDS-DUBS (800/837-3827) between 8-5 EST M-F.

-- Marsha Petrie Sue

I would highly recommend Janita Cooper-Larkin. High quality, terrific turnaround time, wonderful people to work with and extremely competitive. You can reach Janita at her e-mail at Master Duplicating jcooper@masterdup.com.

She has done my demo tape, two 6 audiocassette programs and two video 3 cassette programs for me. Designed the covers and made the process very easy and within my budget!

-- Rob Sommer

Check your local yellow pages and find a duplication service near you. If you go out of town, the freight will kill you plus the convenience is worth going local. Dubs should cost around $2.00 in quantities from 50 to 100. You probably don't need more than 50.

-- Mike Marchev

I recently had my video produced on a CD. BEAUTIFUL!

  1. Bureaus love it.
  2. Easy to duplicate.
  3. Inexpensive to send.
  4. Can be viewed on a PC w/o tracking down conference room TV.
  5. Menu-driven so you can bounce around where video is linear.

Email if you are interested and I can forward source. (He moon-lighted mine so I don't want to send you to him w/o warning.

-- Jana High

I use On-Video in Carrollton, TX for all of my duplication needs. They are fast, efficient, highly professional, and cost competitive. My contact is Terry (a lady) Seefluth. Her number is 972/406-9292. Email: terry@onvideo.com.

You won't be disappointed!

-- Tracy Brown

My best experiences for video and audio duplication have been with Master Duplicating Corp in Phoenix. They have the best combination of service, product and price. Because they specialize in working with speakers they often ask questions or make suggestions that make a big difference in the packaging or production. Go to www.masterdup.com.

Owner, Janita Cooper-Larkin, is a past NSA Chapter President and her company is the one that produces the NSA VOE CDs and cassettes. Her engineer, Rocky, is technically talented but also very customer service oriented. They know they are likely to run into you at NSA conventions and events so they really go the extra mile to help you be successful.

I've used other suppliers a few times and have found if they typically work with large corporations the individual speaker gets shuffled around as filler work. And if they work primarily with musicians they don't seem to do a good job with the spoken word and don't have a sense for what works in the business world.

-- Jeff Tobe

If you need straight duplication (no editing, graphics etc) I highly recommend Western Media in Westlake Village CA. Contact Mary at 800-648-8006. I suggest you start with a large amount -- 250 -- to get the price down to $1.55 each.

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