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Web-Embedded MP3 Players

Mike Schatzki

I asked: I am looking for an MP3 player that can be embedded in a Web page so that the visitor can listen to audio samples right on the page without having to open QuickTime, Windows Media Player, etc.

-- Alex Brown

Here is a Java Applet that will play music: link. The person needs to have Java installed and enabled for it to work, but it does avoid the need to load QuickTime, MediaPlayer, and so on. Unfortunately there is no truly universal way to load and play sound within a Web browser. I do it for my own Web site, and I let the browser decide which plug-in to use. I use JavaScript to detect the browser, and I do different things for Internet Explorer than for other browsers, and I do not get 100% consistent results.

-- Brandon Hull

Here are a few links for you to embed a flash MP3 player. I’m sure there are a lot of other options out there, too.

Free ones

  • Link (very cool online tool helps you build a free one that’s customized)
  • Link (you don’t have to actually create a podcast; a single MP3 can be embedded)
  • Link
  • Link

Low-cost ones

  • Link
  • Link (software that creates one you can customize and embed)
  • Link (this one is very nice and clean)

-- Tom Terrific

Here’s a product I’ve used in the past which should do what you want. Link

-- David Farr

I’ve been using this service for a few years now. Link They allow to have streaming audio on your site and your visitors don’t need to open quicktime, media player, etc. It streams right from the Web page instantly.

-- Jim Donovan

I’ve used a product from Jay Jennings called “Sonic Memo.” There may still be the no-cost “Lite” version from him too. Link

I also like his other programs, especially Sonic Redirect which allows me to change long links and redirect affiliate links and such. His stuff is very inexpensive and works well, and he develops for Mac.

-- Michelle Skaletski-Boyd

Might I suggest this MP3 player for you. You host it on your site and users get to listen using Flash (most people already have this installed on their computers). Link

-- Tom Gray

You might want to try the MP3 to SWF Converter from Hoo Technologies. It takes MP3 or WAV files and converts them to SWF (Flash) files and builds a player interface as well. The reason I like this is that it’s self-contained and Flash files stream more rapidly than MP3. It also allows you to record audio as well so it serves as a very basic podcasting tool. You can find more info here: link

-- Dan O’Day

If you have an MP3 file and the ability to upload it to the Internet (to anyplace on the Internet), this will do it for you quickly and painlessly. Link

-- Allan Ramsay

Link It’s very easy.

-- Robert Ian

I use Vertical Moon’s Audio2SWF. Link

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