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Rick Moody

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I'm looking for a reliable company that can take master audio tapes and duplicate them in quantity (100 or more) and also put them in an attractive package with professional labels. Any suggestions?

-- Jane Herron

I recently got 100 sixty-minute audios duplicated with a label, shrink-wrapped but no J-card, for under $2 each. I have also used Jan Snow with PCS in Salt Lake City.

-- Andre Beaudoin

I have received great service from The Gallery Recording Studio, 87 Church St., East Hartford CT 06108; Doug Clark, Owner. 860/528-9009

Doug provides audio and video duplication. They also have a full sound stage for recording. Doug and his staff will also edit, record, and produce. They serve a number of other speakers I know in the area and have competitive pricing. Give Doug a call if you want more information. He does all levels of work. Today I picked up tapes that he duplicated that I will label and box myself. Last month he produce 250 tapes for me boxed, labeled, designed, printed, inserted the jacket, and shrunk-wrapped each tape. ($2.51 per cassette) He also recently provided me with 1250 copies of my CD for back of the room sales. 3-color silk-screen on the CD, no cases, a buck each. Check him out.

-- Glenna Salsbury

In my opinion the best there is would be Janita Cooper at Master Duplicating. She works with speakers every single day and has handled all my product for more than 15 years. She is a member of NSA and does the VOE tapes. Great quality, good pricing. Contact info: JCooper@masterdup.com

-- Ed Peters

To your request for a recommendation in Speaker Net News about tape duplication, I use Master Duplicating. They are the company that produces NSA's Voices of Experience. They do an incredible job quality-wise, very price competitive AND their attention to detail and my tight schedules have been amazing. And when I have a question I know I can always talk to the owner, Janita Cooper-Larkin 602/274-9111, http://www.masterdup.com

-- Kristin Anderson

I recommend

Greatapes Media Services
1523 Nicollet
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 872-8284
(612) 872-0635 (fax)

-- Ian Percy

I and a lot of others, including Larry Winget, use Master Duplicating here in Phoenix. They have every kind of packaging imaginable and their engineering is superb. Call Janita Cooper at 602/274-9111 or jcooper@masterdup.com and if she isn't available ask for Rocky who is their main engineering guy.

-- Bob Perks

This national company was hidden in my back yard and I didn't know it.

They handle work for major companies like Time Inc. but have the capabilities to do smaller quantity as well. Audio/video. They can create excellent packaging and quick turnaround. Now doing DVDs and those smaller business card size CD's as well.

Karol Media -- Michael Kincheloe, VP
Wilkes-Barre, PA
570-822-8899 ext. 321

-- Steve Johns

Kris Nelson of III Oaks Video Productions (405/478-8273) produced my demo video after sifting through hours of raw footage. He also does audio CDs and cassettes, packaging and new product development.

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