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Getting Podcast Interviews

Milo Shapiro

With the release of my new book, I’ve gotten one or two inquiries for podcast interviews, but I’d like to do a lot more. What tips can SNN readers share on how they find talk shows (podcast or radio) that are eager to have new guests?

— Tom Terrific

Check iTunes for a list of Podcasts.

Check your library or online for lists of radio stations.

The resources are out there, you just have to do the work.

— Michelle Nichols

I had a podcast on sales for BusinessWeek for 6 months and I interviewed lots of authors.

First, is your book published and available for sale? I recommend waiting until it is.

Then target who gives podcast interviews — ask iTunes for the hottest podcasts in your topic area. Listen to a dozen/so. Then pitch the podcasters on why you should be on their show. Avoid selling your stuff and find an angle or two that their listeners would benefit from. Maybe prepare 5-8 questions the podcaster could ask you that you’d have content-rich answers or short stories for.

If you can send an e-book copy of your book, that will save you postage and cost of a book. If they also write and blog, you might want to send them a physical book so they can quote you in future articles.

— Tom Gray

From a podcast perspective you might want to do a Google search for podcast directories (podcast.net is a good example) and then search them for podcasts that complement your subject matter, identify those who you feel would most likely identify with your message and send the principal a personal email with the proposal that they interview you and a strong case as to why this makes sense for them and their audience. Provide links to your supporting material — existing podcasts, book (and excerpts), suggested questions, etc.

You might also look at your existing client base and see if any of them podcast. Offer to be a guest. Many newspapers are now blogging and podcasting. Review their sites and find out who the relevant podcasters are and, again, offer yourself as a guest.

— Donna Smallin

I was recently contacted by David Wolf, CEO and founder of SmallBiz America Network. Check it out at www.smallbiznetwork.com.

— Jim Bouchard

Like many other podcasters, I’m always looking for quality guests to make my program attractive to listeners. Also like many podcasters, I offer a sponsorship package that moves lesser known guests forward in my schedule and allows them to shamelessly promote their goods and services! If you’re approaching a podcaster who is not yet offering sponsorships don’t hesitate to make the proposal, providing you feel that program offers you adequate marketing punch.

Don’t offer radio and TV hosts money! That’s called “payola” and get you both in a lot of trouble! You can sometimes maximize your exposure by purchasing radio or TV advertising when you know you’re going to appear on a certain station or in a particular market; but that’s not supposed to enter into their decision when it comes to programming guests. If you want to go that route, you have to purchase a block of time that’s clearly identified as “paid programming.”

On my program I’m glad to incorporate key media questions and I’m always willing to promote the author, but I also want to have a substantive discussion with my guest and explore the synergy between my message and the author’s. To that end I always want the opportunity to read the book beforehand. Some potential guests are hesitant to send a copy, but it’s always a big help.

Cost of sending review copies is always an issue. I feel the pinch myself when I’m looking for programmers to interview me. If amenable, I usually send a PDF version and conversely I’m always glad to accept the same. If I’m really trying to get on a show, however, I always send a real copy of my book with a press kit. The host may not always be at the computer, but may take my book into the “reading room” or anywhere else he or she may have a few spare moments. It’s wise to be frugal; it never pays to be cheap!

— Lillian Cauldwell

Contact Janet Elaine Smith at Passionate Internet Talk Radio, Inc. She’ll schedule you for a live interview that’s recorded into a podcast. Her email is pivtrprograms@yahoo.com.

— Brad Swift

As a radio host for Living and Working On Purpose radio show on Exceptional Wisdom radio, I always have my radar on for the next great and purposeful guest. Many of our radio guests are coming through my book publicist — Carol Arnold — who posted our monthly radio show themes on Profnet and received many qualified, on topic, guest inquiries which she then forwards to me. Not sure if you can post directly to Profnet or not.

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