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Here is a compilation of the responses that I got to my request for copy writers for my Web site.

I ultimately selected Patrice Rhodes-Baum in Colorado Springs - 719/685-1828. She rewrote my home page, the seminars page and my about page. I am very pleased with the results. Patrice is easy to work with, she listens, asks the right questions and works quickly.

-- Rebecca Morgan

I've used Barbara McNichol for other persuasive writing projects, so you may want to talk to her. Editor@BarbaraMcNichol.com

-- Melanie Benson Strick

I worked with Lorrie Morgan Ferrero of Red-Hot-Copy.com and she is phenomenal. She also has mentees who work with her.

-- Kare Anderson

I strongly recommend Cheri Hanson, clhanson@telusplanet.net, 604/732-3016. She is someone who's worked with several authors and speakers. She can step into your "voice" and make the copy sparkle -- and she is adept and smart. Based in Vancouver, B.C. I met her through speaker and author Lisa Johnson... after reading Lisa's book and newsletter where she involves Cheri.

-- Ron Jasniowski

I use Gary Gilpin 847/255-4904.

-- Kathy Eubanks

There is a great firm in our area, Shazaaam, LLC. They did not do the copy for my Web site but when I am ready to update mine, they will be doing it for me.

-- Meredith Hamilton

I highly recommend Robert Warren at www.rswarren.com.

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