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Linda Spangle

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I’m seeking referrals for a Web designer who can do updates, changes, and SEO work. My Web sites are developed, but are not especially search-engine friendly. So I need someone who knows how to correct some of the coding that wasn’t done in the best technical manner. I would love to find someone who works with authors and speakers, and who has expertise with marketing and online shopping carts.

Note that this question was also addressed in 2010 and 2003.

— Karen Wright

I’ve been working with Sandy Gibson in Maine for 7 years and she’s a delight. Very intuitive, very skilled, very visual. She handles all my Web design and maintenance, my ezine distribution, my shopping cart, etc.

Sandy Gibson
Breezy Hill Designs
(866) 716-1010
(207) 764-0101 FAX

— Ed Primeau

The best in the business (not the most expensive in the business) is Jim Barbour (jjb@sequencinginc.com) and Sequencing. Jim has taken over several of our clients’ Web sites and made us very proud and them very happy.

He is updating and managing Steve Rizzo.com, ChristineCashen .com, Floyd Wickman, BarbaraBraunstein.com and best of all, he knows how to facilitate Web video and social media marketing. I coach speakers and Jim has taught me so much!

— Chuck Dennis

I would like to recommend Reg Charie (regc@dotcom-productions.com). Reg has a remarkable talent for making sites search-engine friendly. He is also one of the more helpful people I have come across, taking the time to answer questions and provide beneficial assistance. He is attentive and replies to queries almost immediately. And, he’s a nice guy, to boot! Great sense of humor.

— Burt Dubin

Jim Sanfilippo (jimfromsd@san.rr.com) 858/268-1724. He does all my work, designed my home page, is more than competent and his fees are moderate.

— Peggy Grall

I use Rachel Colic (www.rachelcolic.com). She helps me with editing, maintenance, optimization and writing content. She works exclusively with speakers and knows the business.

— Lisa Fahoury

We’ve had great success working with CMDS (www.cmdsonline.com). They are the most marketing-savvy designers/developers I’ve ever worked with.

Chris Mulvaney and his team took the time to educate me on the top-line issues of SEO, and helped me identify several tools to keep us high in organic rankings — keyword use, press releases, meta tags, etc.

Though they do not work specifically with authors/speakers, I believe their refreshingly practical marketing focus speaks for itself regardless of industry. An online portfolio has a brief background on each project as well a link to the featured site.

— Robert Alper

For the past couple of years, all the updates on my site (new pages, new links, rearranging, etc.) have been done promptly and efficiently by a young man in Karachi, Pakistan, whom I found through www.rentacoder.com. And when I tell colleagues the cost, there’s dead silence on the other end of the phone.

I’ve also used www.rentacoder.com to have three different versions of a DVD cover designed, paying $7 (really) to designers in Greece, Bulgaria, and Seattle, and then choosing the best. I’ve had email ads designed for $10 by a woman in India, and a video placed on my site by a guy in Canada for $25.

— Lynda McDaniel

I highly recommend June Bachman and Wendy Ogryzek at bWyse (www.bwyse.com). They are smart, courteous and always ready to help. They designed my Web site and SEO. They have written a very helpful book too.

— Vanessa Emerson

We’ve had great success using Web designer Shelly Rager, Healthcare Web Image (srager@urcs.net, 951/737-8558).

— Rita Smircich

We have been extremely pleased and impressed with what Steve White has created for us. He’s very creative, has a great reputation and is honest.

Steve White
Growth Communications
7 Riverview Drive
Norwalk, CT 06850

— Ed Nowicki

Our 4000-member association of law enforcement instructors has been with Mark Byrne for a few years now and we couldn’t be more pleased. He’s honest and ethical (a retired police sergeant), and very reasonably priced. He provides options on the cost of what we want and he will, if asked, make some valuable suggestions. He can do shopping carts, bulletin boards, mass emailings and more. Most of his customers are either in law enforcement or they are speakers, instructors and trainers. He just made some valuable suggestions to us, which we will implement shortly. You can check out his Web site and the links to other Web sites designed by Mark at www.waytogo.net. I highly recommend him.

— Nina Spencer

Cameron Freeman (www.cameronfreeman.com) has been my Web designer and ongoing webmaster, maintenance man, etc., on a regular basis, monthly newsletters in html, etc., ever since I first started up with my Web site in 1999.

Cam’s redesigned and updated my site a couple of times now, over the years and, with each progressive redesign, and added feature enhancements, my business has grown exponentially!

— Cheryl Rankin

Two Web designers that I use and like a lot are:

Janice Waddick Davis
GTA Web Solutions

John Forte www.ombradesign.com

John’s rates are a bit better than Janice’s but Janice has more experience. Both of them do an excellent job.

— Joanne Black

I adore David Kerr (www.davidkerrdesign.com, david@davidkerrdesign.com, 415/641-9484). I have worked with him for years. He is creative, response, and doesn’t speak techie. His Web site is phenomenal. Whether you decide to work with him or not, visit his site.

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