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Following is a compilation of Web designers recommended by SpeakerNet News readers.

Note that this question was also addressed in 2010 and 2008.

— Joel Garfinkle (www.dreamjobcoach.com)

If you are in need of an excellent Web site designer, I highly recommend Janice Byer of Docu-Type (www.docutype.net). She created and implemented my company vision throughout my Web site. And all in only 3 weeks — 4 months shorter than other Web designers told me it would take.

She specializes in “service-oriented” Web sites for entrepreneurs. She is easy to work with and has an excellent ability of implementing ideas, concepts and changes, all at a very reasonable rate for such high end Web expertise.

— Marsha Petrie Sue (www.CommunicatingResults.com)

After researching many people, I chose a fabulous webmaster, Kurt Boxdorfer (www.legendmediapros.com) and he exceeded my expectations! He has also done some learning resource (product) work for me and helped me earn a 2001 Telly award for a video series. I personally like one stop shopping. BTW, he also did my demo tape.

— Christopher Brya (www.solavista.com)

Is your Web site looking stale and like everyone else’s? I’ve come across a Web designer who “gets it” for all of us as professional speakers. Craig Zahn of Mysticom Interactive (www.mysti.com, craig@mysti.com, 602/758-0039 or 602/532-7200) redesigned my entire Web site/logo and at a fantastic price. As professional speakers, you can’t go wrong with his understanding of what we want and need in this profession. He can also stream video clips, audio, design brochures, direct mail and other materials as well.

— Michele Payn-Knoper (www.mpk.info)

Need a quick way to add articles and newsletters to your Web site? Try www.stellarstuff.com/scrt-newsmanager.html for an easy-to-use cgi script that can be added to a professionally designed website. Unlike PDFs, scripting is search engine friendly and no, it’s not at all complicated. I learned this tip and many, many others from Web designer extraordinaire Aylene Rhiger. She happens to specialize in Web sites for speakers, is brilliant on search engines, and knows the business since she started with a bureau. Aylene will walk you, step-by-step, through re-designing or building a Web site that will meet your needs. You can reach her at aylene@rhiger.com or 805/683-0586. Unlike many techno gurus, she makes it very comfortable to build your presence on the Web.

— Sarah Michel (www.sarahmichel.com)

If you’re needing a Web site redesign to take your business to the next level then check out Kris Kiler with Visibility Designs (www.visibilitydesigns.com, kkiler@socal.rr.com). He completely overhauled my site bringing his own creative design, input and ideas and had my new site up and running in less than 48 hours start to finish! I’m getting great results from it and couldn’t be more thrilled with his ongoing customer service.

— Vickie Champion (www.VickieChampion.com)

If you want to build or re-do your Web site or know of anyone who does, I highly recommend Dave Stott at www.i-6.com. He’s easy to work with, quick, and affordable. My Web site cost me less than $500.

— Michael Crow (www.keynotespeaker.com)

If you want a completely customized, self-managing Web site that is simple to update and change, contact Internet Web Data Corporation. I highly recommend what they have done for my site. It’s now equipped with store, M/C, Visa, Amex processing, newsletter/ezine, topics, testimonials and much more. I’m able to update all the information and retrieve email messages from any computer in the world. This allows me to inexpensively update the site and makes on-line marketing a snap! Any operating/function you want designed for your site is only $350. Want to be able to write/ post/ and send to a complete list serve that you manage? $350! They are amazing.

— Gloria Starr (www.globalsuccessstrategies.com)

I highly recommend Karen Noel, Turning Point, Inc. for excellence in Web design for speakers. Karen is easy to work with, provides fast turn around, has designed for several prominent speakers and cares enough about our industry to have attended our recent NSA convention in Washington, DC. Karen can be reached at turningpoint@utah-inter.net.

— Sandy Campbell (www.sandycampbell.com)

I’m thrilled with my Web designer team/hosts, GSL Solutions. They respond to requests promptly, research the best solutions for your needs (including shopping carts) and keep you humming. Services include dedicated and shared Web hosting at competitive rates and helping clients get the most from their Web presence. www.gslsolutions.com or 813/637-8535.

— Gloria Dunn (www.wiserwaystowork.com)

If you’re looking for a great Web designer, who will also upload your site and provide ongoing site management, call Todd Crawshaw. He designed my Web site, logo, and print materials. www.crawshawdesign.com.

— Pegine Echevarria (www.pegine.com)

Do you pay an extra fee when you call your Webmaster for changes? I don’t, I have a Smart Site, which are custom made Web sites that owners can be edit and update without any programming experience or expertise. David Herbin (www.dherbin.com) has worked with several NSA members. He makes it easy to have a site. Contact 904/280-4070 or david@dherbin.com. My Smart Site brings me business, is easy to use and Im in control!

— Marylyn Schwartz (www.marylynbschwartz.com)

If you are like I was, getting my Web site up and running was put on the back burner for too long. When I finally "bit the bullet," thank goodness I happened upon David Herbin (904/280-4070, www.dherbin.com). He helped me focus, pull together what I needed and got me up and going in two weeks. He’s a great guy with all the skills necessary to create a beautiful site!

— Jeff Tobe (www.jefftobe.com)

I’ve been using a Canadian Web designer and have saved a fortune due to the favorable exchange. When it comes to the work, there are no borders on the Web! Contact Greg Collett at www.collettdesigns.com, greg@collettdesigns.com. They are great to work with.

— Clark Roberts

Recently I had my Web site completely redesigned and I am very happy. Everyone who comments on it states how easy it is to get around and get the information necesary if you are looking for a designer and Web host contact Gary Talor at LT2 Solutions, 425/652-2331, garyt@lt2solutions.com.

— Susan Zitron (www.zitroncareerservices.com)

I have a great Web designer, Gary Wells, whom I highly recommend. Although my site costs more than the average, he is now producing one and two page Web sites for under $1000. Gary has produced some gorgeous sites. You may reach Gary at 415/381-6092 or gew@slip.net.

— Jim Hunt

ConsumerTech (770/623-4924) has dynamic Web pages that you can get for a one time fee of $495, and you don’t have to know HTML to make your own changes. This has saved me a ton on mailing charges. You can use pictures, logos, etc., and keep your own page up to date without having to pay a webmaster. Email Wayne McDonald at mcplanet@bigplanet.com.

— Dana May Casperson (www.authoritea.com)

Develop a creative Web site with Brandon Richards (excelbr@gte.net, 254/666-4890). Check out his site at www.ilogics.com. Brandon just completed my site and I am pleased with his service! Brandon designs and maintains your site at reasonable cost and he has innovative ideas!

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