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Melissa Lewis

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I need one or more people to help rewrite and redesign my one-sheet to make it less wordy, more punchy, more visually interesting and more persuasive. Who has the best reputation for creating one-sheets?

-- Debbie Barnett

Contact Sheryl Roush (Sheryl@SparklePresentations.com, 858/569-6555). She gave a great presentation on how to design great one sheets at the NSA Winter Workshop. She's the best!

-- Susan Levin

Maggie Dennison (Maggie@MyMarketingMessage.com, 805/687-6294) does a stellar writing job.

Designer: Diane Curran (wow@mozaiquemediaarts.com, 818/789-5115)

-- Kathleen Tomes

My graphic designer, Todd Peden (www.ToddPeden.com), created a truly cutting edge, unique, make me stand out 1-pager. I gathered info from several meeting planners and used his out-of-the-box thinking to come up with a book-type of one page. Its 8.5"x5.5", 5 pages, bound on the side with a cover and a back and a nice place for my demo CD on the last page. I have a PDF version of it in the bottom left hand side box titled "for meeting planners."

You may like it, you may not. Its very different. It's worked quite well for me so far. Obviously it looks best when printed and bound.

I had Ann Bloch (413/637-0958, annbloch@vgernet.net) edit my content.

-- Deanne Kelleher

Janice Waugh (www.jwaugh.com, 416/691-6881), copy & content writing.

-- Jim Ewan

Try Lesley Morrissey (Lesley@insidenews.co.uk).

-- Barbara McNichol

I work in tandem with a designer named Karen Saunders on speaker one-sheets. Check out her talent (www.macgraphics.net, 303/680-2330).

-- Debbie Christofferson

Try Barbara McNichol (editor@barbaramcnichol.com, 877/696-4899), she's an NSA member and editing expert. She gave a session today at our NSA-Arizona meeting on this very topic, that leads me to believe that Barbara does a good job and knows how to create a great one-sheet.

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