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Summary of Posting Schedule/Calendar on Web Site

Nancy Miller

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Here was the original posting:

Has anyone put their speaking/workshop schedule on their Web site? Have you tried? What method is better -- listing or table format? Is it difficult to update?

Several people replied. Here is a summary of what I learned:

  1. Best tip: Include a link to the Web site of the association/speaker's bureau/corporation that you are speaking for. This is what convinced me to put the dates on the Web; otherwise, it is just an electronic piece of paper.

  2. When I looked at several Web sites, I found no consistency where the calendar was posted. Some were very difficult to find, even when I knew I was looking for it. Some were buried on other pages and were linked through links.

  3. "Author Appearance," "Where in the World," "Calendar" and "Schedule" were all page titles/links that were used. In looking for the information, the more cute the word, the harder it was for me to find.

  4. In comparing sites, those sites that used tables (rows and columns) were easier to read than just a straight paragraph text format. Also the paragraphs format printed out on many, many pages.

  5. A comment which was well-thought-out was this: if you are a home-based, sole proprietor, listing your speaking dates on the Web may also provide information as to when you are not home. In addition, by listing the dates, it may not give you the flexibility to say no -- a meeting planner checks the Web site, sees that you are not booked and wants you on that date!

  6. Don't include the name of the meeting planner. Speakers might call the person directly to try to book themselves. Instead, list/link the group but not reference to a specific person.

  7. Don't just limit the calendar to speaking engagements. Also include radio talk shows, media interviews, and magazine articles that will be running.

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