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Here are the responses to my request for recommendations for PowerPoint designers.

— Elaine Quinn

I recommend Nancy Nord, of Nancy Nord Design in Chicago. Nancy is a PowerPoint designer with a solid graphic design background. She helps presenters translate their stories into dynamic visuals. She transforms clients’ text-heavy slides into infographics, using supplied data to create understandable pie charts and graphs. She animates, creates custom icons and embeds audio/video. (773) 283-2843

Best of all, she’s detail-oriented, a self-starter, and doesn’t need hand-holding!

— Dave Paradi

I would suggest that you consider contacting the Presentation Guild as they are an industry association of presentation designers. They don’t have a member directory on the website yet but you can contact one of the Directors and ask them to post a job request on the internal job board for members to see. I am a member and know the people who set up the Guild and can vouch for the professionalism of this group.

— Marcey Rader

Wendy Gates Corbett, presentation designer for professional athletes and professional speakers.

— Regina Clark

I hired Trevor Perry, StunningSlides.com, last year to revise my slides. He was great to work with.

— Michael Stanleigh

We use Dave Paradi at ThinkOutsideTheSlide.com Everyone we’ve recommended him to has been thrilled.

— Pamela Mitchell

I’ve used Nadine Hanafi of We Are Visual when I’ve needed to prepare PowerPoint presentations for important clients. It’s an investment, but she does great work.

— Ellen Finkelstein

Here’s a list of some of the best from a colleague: thinkoutsidetheslide.com. Also, the team at eslide.com specializes in rush jobs.

— Helene Segura

I don’t squeal very often, but I did so with delight when Mike Robertson unveiled my revamped PowerPoint slides. Who knew that one could get so excited about SLIDES?!? I’d received compliments before about how my slides were great because they weren’t crammed full of text, but now they’ve graduated to a whole new level thanks to the genius of Mike Robertson. Even though I’m fairly savvy with slide creation, it would have taken me countless hours to not only learn how to implement Mike’s tips and tricks, but it would also have taken me a heck of a lot of time to find the perfect graphics, font and colors for each slide. Mike saved me time and made my slides look like I belong at a whole new fee level. Thank you, Mike! IsThisMikeOn.com.

— Scott Lesnick

To say that Mike Robertson is good at what he does with a slide deck isn’t enough. I’m pretty good and I know others that are good.

What separates Mike from ALL of the rest is three-fold.

  1. He is a graphics expert and has “an eye/a gift” for design, detail and surprise.
  2. His slides are better than anyone else’s because his skill level, ability to “wow” and the thought process is magical.
  3. Mike has been asked by the National Speakers Association to put together presentations for their conferences. Trust me, there is no more difficult, picky and opinionated group when is comes to presentations. And yet, Mike always gets rave reviews!

There is good, there is great and there is that special upper echelon that few reach. Mike, is the leader of the upper echelon. IsThisMikeOn.com

(SNN note: We did several webinars featuring some of those mentioned above. Order the recordings here.)

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