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CD Duplication

Joanne Victoria

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My question was: Please provide your best resources for CD duplication.

-- Karen Cortell Reisman

Mother Dubbers Work
Fax: 972/980-1731
3626 Gamma Road
Dallas, TX 75244

-- Dave Sherman

Has used Master Duplicating for over 4 years.


-- Stephen Tweed

We've been delighted with the service from Master Duplicating in Scottsdale, AZ. Owner Janita Cooper is an NSA member and long-time supporter.

-- Paul Horn

Heartily recommends ELS Productions (for duplication and packaging) on price and friendly, efficient service.

ELS Productions
1216 Murray Bluff
Murray, UT 84123

-- Al McCree

Advises there are three classes of replicators, depending on quantity and price. In general, they are:

  • Pressing plants: These work for 100K units a year or so. If less than 1000/month, try the following.
  • Brokers: Companies that broker smaller orders with the pressing plants. The prices are a little higher but the service usually a lot better. His company uses two separate brokers for the roughly 50K units a year they need.
  • Finally, quick copy folks that can produce any quantity. He uses them for quick turnaround stuff. The cost is at least twice and sometimes three times as high. A word of caution: The short run copy folks copy on the CD-R format which is not as good a quality. This is the same format you would use on your own home computer when burning a CD.

Al recommends creating a relationship with a broker.

-- Mike Marchev

I am using and am quite pleased with:

Wholesale Tape & Supply
2841 Hickory Valley Rd.
Chattanooga, TN 37421

My contact is Maryann Griffey.

I am producing 7000 CDs quarterly. Great 4-color packaging as well. 67 cents per at these quantities.

-- Joe Tye

WTS in TN -- www.wtsmedia.com

-- Michael Schatzki

Mike McCool
National Media Services
613 N. Commerce Avenue
Front Royal, VA 22630

They are fast, reasonably priced and easy to work with. The have their own studio if you live nearby. They also have a printer that prints first-class four-color in single sheets so that you don't need to buy 1,000 to get a good price.

-- Mark Mayberry

Tonya and Rick Williams

-- Mark Henson

Found a local resource that does duplication & label printing about as inexpensively as anybody.

Columbus, OH

-- Craigslist turned up

located in the Silver lake area of Los Angeles
323/224-0422 phone

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