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JJ Lauderbaugh

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Responses I received to my request for information on a trip to Australia.

-- Terry Brock

  • Watch out for the phrase "Good on ya', Mate!" as it can be a negative, particularly to women. This is what I've heard so I'll check it out once there.
  • They like Americans predominantly. This is good. Seems that we are very much alike.
  • Australian dollar is about .61 to the US dollar. In exchange through American Express I got a rate of .66 to the US$. Not too bad. I also ordered traveler's cheques denominated in A$ and some Australian cash for small items when first arriving. American Express sent it to me at no charge ($4 for delivery) and simply deducted it from a checking account.

-- Warren Evans

Suggest you get onto the NSA Web site (http://www.nsaspeaker.org), and punch the link to the National Speakers Assoc of Australia. Of course, as an International Federation member (through NSA) you're also welcome to attend any of their events that might be happening at their member prices...they have chapters all over the country.

Be aware as you present down there that they do not see American TV, and so watch your references...also don't play hockey, baseball, and basketball. Their terms of reference like that will be soccer, rugby, and cricket. Also are a parliamentary democracy and member of the Commonwealth at the moment...hot/sensitive subject is move away from commonwealth membership.

-- Joanne Schlosser

The Syndey Zoo is great fun, as is a tour out to the Blue Mountains to see the 3 sisters (mountains). If you have time, definitely visit the Great Barrier Reef to scuba or snorkel. I went to Cairns which is pretty far north but a great little city. Also as adventurers, we flew to Darwin, way north and more centered and took a trip to Kakadu World Heritage Park. Three-day camping trip to see petroglyphs and "Crocodile Dundee territory." It was an incredible experience. Guess you can tell, I like the outdoor sights more than the museums, etc.

-- Maye Musk

I gave 2 talks in Melbourne for the University of Victoria, December last year. They also sent me as their guest to the Nutrition Society's conference in Adelaide. What a treat! The people were friendly, the service was excellent and they treat you like a celebrity. The bonus is you don't have to tip. When you arrive at the hotel, you will have your bags collected and delivered to your room in the most efficient, upbeat manner, and they don't expect a tip. You will need to buy sunscreen as you'll see many warnings about the sun's rays. Buy it there as they have stronger brands suitable for their climate.

-- Connie Merritt

Be sure to get a list of all the dirty words in their language -- there are several of them that might naturally come out of your mouth. For example you would NEVER say the word "stuffed" --- it's like the f- word!!!!! As well, they aren't as punctual as we are. If you're due to start speaking at 9 am, the room will be empty until 8:55 and then a flood of people. Log onto all the tourism sites you can.

-- Dana May Casperson

Take a look at Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands (Order from Amazon.com) for a few etiquette tips.

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