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David Lee

Do you have someone (not software) who does your editing of CDs? I’ve been doing my own but am so backlogged it’s time to outsource. If you have someone you like — especially in terms of showing good judgment about what they cut out — I’d love to hear from you.

— Karen Rauch Carter

Maryanne Kuzara at Water’s Edge Productions. 949/813-2001

— Melanie Benson Strick

Excellent quality work with good rates! Caleb Scoville, caleb.scoville@gmail.com

— Ned Parks

I am using Todd Glosser (www.dlprecordingstudios.com). He is SOOOO anal about how good it must sound it is crazy. He also hates to have work on his desk so he is just great about his turn time. I have used him to produce from start to finish 3 audio products and one podcast. He is very businesslike and takes payment with PayPal.

— Janita submitted herself

I would be happy to help you with digital editing. Master Duplicating Corp. has been working with NSA members and the Voices of Experience monthly CD for decades, so you have heard our quality of our work.

Many of our clients simply send us a CD and say, clean it up. We send the edited copy for a final approval and it’s done.

Janita Cooper, CEO
Master Duplicating Corp.
800/228-8919 or 480/948-0305

— Stu submitted himself

Stu Gray
stu gray creative

— Karen Wright

Kevin Hurd (kevinhurd929@msn.com or 509/868-4115). Kevin is a master and has his own music production business as well. Plus, he’s a man of the highest integrity. I trust him implicitly!

— Dan O’Day

As someone who comes out of the industry and makes his living speaking to the radio industry, I’m a bit more particular than many people when it comes to audio quality.

Here are two people who I use. I’m sure you can find people who will do your work for much less money; they guys are pros. More importantly, they know what they’re doing:

Steve Cunningham

Don May

— Patrice Rhoades-Baum

I use Stewart McLellan to edit all my audio interviews. He’s an excellent editor and a great guy!

Stewart McLellan
(250) 888-0121

— Rebecca Staton-Reinstein

Joe Beard and his son are the greatest.

Joe Beard
Audio Duplicating Service
2613 North Andrews Avenue
Wilton Manors, Florida 33311
Phone (954) 568-5385 * Fax (954) 568-5691

— Ed submitted himself

Ed Primeau
248-853-4091 Studio North
248-853-4098 Fax

Multi-media Production, video coaching and consulting
Audio and video forensics

— Sam submitted himself

Sam Silverstein
PrimeTime Duplication
The fast, fun, and affordable way to create and duplicate CD and DVD products.

— Allan Hardman

I have two great resources for audio editing. One is my brother Blair, who has a recording studio in Cotati, CA, and the other is his engineer, Mathew Trogner, who has been doing most of my editing lately. He takes my teleclasses and homemade or studio audios and crafts them into great CD-quality audio.

Blair Hardman
Zone Recording
For the tough stuff
Blair has done narration and studio recording for many well-known authors, as well as create music and copy for advertising of all kinds.

Mathew Trogner
(415) 827-7722

Mathew has created many audios for me, some of which are downloadable from my Web site, and some are mastered for BoR CD sales. I record digitally on an Edirol R-09, and it is very easy to upload the files (for free) to one of the Web transfer systems like yousendit.com. Mathew downloads it, cleans it up, adds music and voice intros as necessary, and uploads it back to me within a few days. Mathew has a good ear for what I like cut out and left in. On some we don’t worry so much about every little swallow I record, or squeak of the chair in my office (I oiled it), and on others we go for perfect.

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