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Ann Wylie

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These are transcriptionist recommendations sent in to SNN in the past few years.

Transcriptionist recommendation — Christine Cashen

To jump start my book, I had a woman transcribe my speech. She was lightening quick, affordable and fantastic to work with. I highly recommend Bonnie at The Typing Tornado (www.typingtornado.com, 915/239-0949).

Transcriptionist and virtual assistant recommendation — Leslie Austin

I’d like to recommend Stella Goodall (stella.goodall@gmail.com), a first-rate transcriptionist and virtual assistant. I’ve worked with her for years and she’s fast, accurate, easy to work with, smart, and reasonably priced. She can handle anything you need from transcribing to virtual assistant jobs efficiently and well. If you’re in the NYC area, she can also do organizing, file management, set up systems for you and other personal assistant functions in person.

Transcriptionist recommendation — Meggin McIntosh

I have been using Nina White (www.AWordwithNina.com) for my transcription services for over a year now. She is fabulous and VERY reasonable. Her turnaround time is prompt and I will continue using her as long as I need someone to handle my transcriptions. Highly recommended.

Transcriptionist recommendation — Glenn Brandon Burke

If you want your podcasts, audio and/or video recorded keynotes, etc. transcribed and/or perhaps an instant eBook, I strongly recommend ProTypists (www.ProTypists.com). They have done work for me in transcribing, web and graphic design for nearly 10 years. Reasonable rate and high-quality work! If you want additional sales or promotional give-aways, it will be worth your time.

Transcriptionist recommendation — Beth Terry

I found a good transcriber for my speeches and ideas. Chris Perry (cperry48@gmail.com). She can transcribe from your digital files, or you can call in and record. She’s also a virtual assistant.

Great transcription service — Michael Stanleigh

I have been using used Nina White (www.awordwithnina.com) to transcribe my presentation audio CDs to create a book. I find her to be very reasonable. I really like the way she formats the transcription. It makes it easier for me to review and use as a section for my book. I highly recommend her for your transcriptions.

Transcription or translation service — Ian Griffin

If you’re looking for a good transcription or translation service I can recommend Urbius (www.ubiqus.com, 800/221-7242). They’re an international company with offices in USA, France, Germany, England, Ireland and Spain. I’ve used them for two years and they offer an excellent quality of transcription for around $100/hour of recorded speech. There’s a Web site you can upload .mp3 files to. I just had 10 PowerPoint slides translated into Spanish for under $50. They charged 15 cents a word.

Transcriptionist recommendation — Lion Goodman

Isha (Eee-shaw) is very good (isha11@comcast.net, 707/824-8461).

SpeakerNet News is produced by Rebecca Morgan and Ken Braly. It is not affiliated with the National Speakers Association. Send comments or suggestions

SpeakerNet News is produced by Rebecca Morgan and Ken Braly. It is not affiliated with the National Speakers Association. Send comments or suggestions