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Carol Frank

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Following are the responses to my question: "I'm actively looking for a ghostwriter to help me finish a business book. Can you recommend a top-notch business-oriented writer? I'd be interested in learning the perils and pitfalls of working with ghostwriters, what kind of contractual arrangements and pay ranges to expect."

-- Dan Poynter

Go to my supplier list. Find typesetters, cover artists, Book Promoters and much more. www.parapub.com/supplier.cfm

-- Ron Rosenberg

I would highly recommend Dr. Bil Holton of the Holton Consulting Group. You can find out more information on his web site at www.holtonconsulting.com/ghost.htm

-- William McCurry

Toni Boyle, The Empress of Audio, Duchess of Digital and Princess of Print is who you should talk to. So you know, I've been honored to be associated with Toni since 1996 - I listed her as co-author as a surprise to her - her anticipation was that she would be a ghost. ABoyleCo@aol.com, 847/251-7536

-- Jim Canterucci

My recommendation for a fantastic ghost writer is Toni Robino. She is also an editor and works as a book agent so has a comprehensive perspective. She has written on very diverse topics including heavy business (for me) and is extremely capable. Contact Toni at robino@withflyingcolours.com or 740/987-6873.

-- Dana Cassell

Our Writers-Editors Network has a number of professional ghostwriters who will discuss the possibility and process of working with you. www.writers-editors.com and click on the "Find writers here" button to get started.

-- Fred

I found a woman named Charon Contival (contivalc@earthlink.net) who is VERY good. I suggest you give her a shout.

-- Cecile Duhnke in the NSA office

I would like to recommend a ghost writer here in the Phoenix area who has worked with other speakers on their book projects. Her name is Valerie Demetros and she owns Desert Jade Publishing. She has a background in magazine and book writing, editing and is very talented. Her e-mail address is VDemetros@aol.com.

-- Susan Friedman

Toni Robino (Robino@WithFlyingColours.com) has a cadre of writers that cover all areas. She's delightful to work with and help make your book a reality!

-- Robert Goodman

Ghost writer or co-writer? There's a big difference!

Contact the SD Professional Editors Network (www.sdpen.com). They have a list of local editors, some of whom do ghostwriting.

Join an email group and raise the question yourself. One good one is pub-forum, which you join by sending an email to majordomo@majordomo.alentus.com with the message, "Subscribe pub-forum"

-- Jane Blume

I don't know if the person I know is interested in ghostwriting, but: she is definitely an excellent and experienced business reporter, and is writing two books herself:

Stephanie Hainsfurther
Words and Solutions
Albuquerque, NM

Tell her I sent you!

-- Mark Plante

Bob Stewart is a terrific writer. Email him: good4prose@aol.com

-- Deborah Brown

I just hired Vida Jurisic and she is great. I have a book that needs to be finished and out of all the people I spoke to, she understood me and my book the best. And, she is a doll to work with.

Her e-mail address is: lavidabiz@sympatico.ca. She is $60 an hour and she is worth every penny.

-- Carol Frank

"Read "How to Write a Book without Lifting a Finger" by Mahesh Grossman. It teaches all the ins and outs of hiring a ghostwriter. www.authorssecrets.com

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