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Beyond the Bookstore:
Selling Your Books to Costco, Walmart, Target,
Airport Stores, Military Bases, Libraries,
and Other Non-Traditional Retail Establishments

Amy CollinsGuest Expert:

Amy Collins
(About Amy)

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The Program:

You want to sell lots of books and know that bookstores aren’t the best outlet. Big-box retailers sell gobs of books. So do airport stores, military PXs, and even supermarkets. Competition is stiff for shelf space. Getting your book sold there isn’t easy. You have to know how to get the right contact and how to get his/her attention. You CAN grab your share if you know the rules.

And libraries buy lots of books, right? How do you get your book into that system?

Getting the attention of these high-volume buyers takes time, patience, and a clear strategy. And even then, there are no guarantees. Learn which organizations most likely to be interested in which types of books. You don’t want to waste your valuable time on outlets that probably won’t pay off.

Amy knows the ins and outs of selling books to the “big boys.” She can tell you how to work with those stores because that’s exactly what she does every day. She’ll teach you the right way to approach those big stores as well as supermarket chains, airport bookstores, and libraries.

You will learn:

  • an overview of the kinds of books national chains, airport stores, and supermarkets want to see
  • how to work with the buyers, merchandisers, and marketing departments at these big stores
  • what you must have in place before you approach the buyers
  • how to know if your book belongs in a certain chain and if there’s room on their shelves for it
  • how to convince a chain to sell your book
  • how to change their minds if they say “no”

More about our guest expert:

Amy Collins packs every presentation with tons of industry tips and executable advice. She has been a book buyer for a chain of bookstores as well as a Sales Director for a large books and magazine publisher. Over the years, she has sold to Barnes & Noble, Target, Costco, Airport Stores, Books-A-Million, Walmart, and other major chains. She helped launch several hugely successful private label publishing programs for Borders, PetSmart, and CVS. In 2006, Amy started New Shelves Books, one of the fastest-growing book distribution, sales and marketing companies in North America.


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