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Best Practice Travel Tips from Road Warriors

Road warriors. These men and women travel frequently as part of their job— sometimes domestically and sometimes internationally. They’ve learned secrets to traveling better that occasional travelers would never figure out.

SpeakerNet News readers are part of this rare breed. Most of them are professional speakers, trainers, consultants, authors and/or coaches. Traveling is crucial for serving their clients. Many log hundreds of thousands of miles a year.

The “Best Practice Travel Tips from Road Warriors” series of eBooklets (PDF files) is jam-packed with uncommon ideas gleaned from 10 years of our readers’ tips.

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Each eBooklet is guaranteed to make your days on the road more stress-free. Order and download yours before your next trip!

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The Plane Truth: Secrets of Surviving and Enjoying Frequent Air Travel

Airplane Tips
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You’re past air travel’s being exciting or glamorous. Now it’s just a long bus ride in the air to get to that meeting or conference. You’ve figured out ways to make the experience less onerous, but you know there must be more. If only you could tap the best ideas of road warriors—people who fly even more than you do—and glean what they’ve learned.

This eBooklet does just that. Comprised of best practices of some of the most frequent travelers in the world, you’ll learn how they get the best fares, handle delayed flights, become comfortable on the plane, navigate when stranded, deal with lost/delayed luggage and maximize loyalty programs.

If you want to fly more comfortably, inexpensively, and with more peace of mind, get this eBooklet now.

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Airports Don’t Have to Be Terminal: Getting To and Through Airports with Ease

Airport Tips
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For some, the airport is like a second home. After their home, office and the airplane, it’s the place they spend the most time.

There are tricks and tips on how to get into and out of airports more efficiently and effectively, as well as how to navigate the components that are part of every trip. For example, how can you get through Security with the least hassle? How can you make your time in the airport more productive or relaxing? How can you remember where you parked your car?

If you want to make the ground part of your flight more enjoyable, download your copy now!

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Travel Doesn’t Have to Make You Sick: Staying Healthy in Airports, Airplanes, and Anywhere On the Road

Health Travel Tips
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During travel, you touch things that thousands of other people have touched. If you aren’t careful, you’ll quickly get their colds and flu. What can you do to better ensure you’ll stay healthy on the road? And what can you take if you come down with something while traveling?

Trips are also full of more restaurant decisions than at home. If you want to eat healthily, what are the best options? And how can you get exercise, even on long travel days with no time for the gym, pool, or a run?

This eBooklet is full of ideas on how you can stay healthy while on the road. Don’t delay—download your copy today!

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Life Without Reservations: Save Money, Time, and Sanity with Hotels and Car Rentals

Hotel-Car Rental Tips
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Once at your destination, you have to navigate car rentals and/or hotel rooms. How can you get through check in quickly? Get the best deals? Upgrades?

What can you do beforehand and in the moment to ensure a good night’s sleep? How do you tip for uncommon services? What are special challenges if you choose a bed and breakfast?

Rental cars can be expensive and exasperating. How can you make sure you have the least hassle and expense? What can you do to ensure your driving time isn’t stressful? Are there tips for returning the car that get you to your flight quickly?

This eBooklet has best-practice tips that address all these questions and more. Download yours now.

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Navigating International Business Trips and Jet Lag: Traveling Abroad with Aplomb

International Travel Tips
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Flying internationally can be exhilarating or debilitating, depending on how you handle it before and during the trip. You’ll likely cross many time zones, perhaps even the date line. What are ways you can be ready for business shortly after landing?

What are the easiest ways to get foreign visas? Does your passport need updated? Are there ways to speed through Customs and Immigration?

Will your credit cards work abroad? If not, what are your options? Are there ways to keep track of currency conversions so you don’t spend more than you want?

How do you avoid surprises with uncommon foreign carry-on rules? What about the flight itself—what should you wear or carry aboard to make a long flight more comfortable? How can you mitigate jet lag? What if you have a long (or several long) layovers—are there ways to make the most of this time?

This eBooklet will help you survive—and enjoy—your international business travel. Maybe you’ll be so refreshed, you can fit in some sights as well! Download your copy today.

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Just in Case: How to Choose and Use Great Luggage

Luggage Tips
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Good luggage can make traveling a breeze. Bad luggage is like hauling a ton of bricks and cause headaches and back aches.

What should you look for when choosing new luggage? How do you tag it so no one else walks off with it and you can find it easily on the carousel? Which locks help keep your belongings safe while granting Security access? What are special considerations for carry-on bags?

How do you pack so you are taking as little as possible but enough to get you through your trip? What tools make long trips more productive without weighing you down?

These questions and more are answered in this eBooklet. Order your copy now!

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Traveling with Technology: Make Your Journey More Productive and Enjoyable

Tech Travel Tips
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Technology helps you keep in touch with clients, coworkers and loved ones when on the road. When it all works, it’s beautiful. But what if it doesn’t? Maybe you’ve forgotten a critical charger. What to do?

Or you’ve got too many devices to charge them all on too-few outlets. And how can you find trusted hot spots? We’ve got some solutions.

How do you ensure you don’t leave attachments behind? How do you organize your tech tools to make sure you return home with all that you brought?

You’ll learn how road warriors solved all these tech challenges. Download this eBooklet today.

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Uncommon Secrets for Traveling Easily, Safely, and Hassle-Free

Uncommon Travel Secrets
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Ah, the joy of travel! Many people would kill for a job that takes them to far-flung spots. You felt this way at first. Then the realities of long security lines, high change fees, delayed or cancelled flights and time away from your "real" life made it not so fun.

But there are ways to make travel less daunting. There are websites that help you get the best deals. There are ways to make traveling more comfortable. There are techniques to make sure you are safe and secure when away from home. And there are even ideas for making car travel more relaxing and productive.

Road warriors share their best ideas and techniques on how to make business travel better in this jam-packed eBooklet. To learn their uncommon secrets, download your copy today.

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Introductory special price: $9.95 each. Or download all 8 for $39.95 (a 50% savings)