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After-Speech Strategies to Garner More Business

The Question:

What do you do for follow-up after a speech? What do you try to accomplish?

You want to secure as much new business as possible from every presentation. What can you do with the client and audience members to encourage them to hire you for more? Are there easy ways to plant the seeds, then close the sale? What can you suggest so you’re not leaving money on the table?

Having a strategy in place helps the conversation flow so more business is likely. But you have to avoid the pitfalls of coming across as pushy or needy.

Six veteran speakers share their strategies and techniques for selling more — before, during, and after your presentation. Learn what has paid off well for them so you can adapt their ideas.

Our guest experts:

Brad Montgomery Brad Montgomery, CSP, CPAE
Francis Bologna Francis Bologna, CPA, CSP
Jane Gunn Jane Gunn
Lou Heckler Lou Heckler, CSP, CPAE
Sam Silverstein Sam Silverstein, CSP
Alan Stevens Alan Stevens

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