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How to Transition from Nobody
to Successful Paid Speaker

The Question:

How can a speaker transition from nobody, to seminars or breakout sessions, to keynotes?

When you’re starting out it’s hard to get anyone to book you, let alone pay you. So how do you get from zero to becoming a paid seminar, breakout or keynote speaker? What are some ways others have accomplished this feat?

Listen to the variety of techniques successful colleagues have utilized so you can adapt them to your own efforts. Learn how they became sought-after within their own niches.

Five veteran professionals share their philosophies and techniques for getting known and getting paid. We feature:

Our guest experts:

Susan Keane Baker Susan Keane Baker, CSP
Richard Hadden Richard Hadden, CSP
Allen Klein Allen Klein, CSP
Liz Weber Liz Weber, CSP
Jeff Tobe Jeff Tobe, CSP

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