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Voice Mail Magic: Building Your Business by Phone

Melinda HenningGuest Expert:

Melinda Henning, creator of the Doing Business by PhoneTM seminars. (About Melinda)

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The Program:

Do you freeze up when calling a prospect? Do you wonder what to say to interest him/her? What if you get voice mail -- how will you leave a compelling message that entices a call back? How often do you you call without being a pest?

Melinda has built her business almost entirely by phone. She practices what she teaches, and will share the subtle do's and don'ts so you can boost your productivity each day, strengthen business relationships, shorten your sales cycle, and grow your client base, simply by leveraging the power of voice mail.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • Compelling language: What to say to generate interest and stimulate return calls
  • Appropriate persistence: How frequently to call, and when to stop calling
  • Convincing delivery: How to project your own vocal charm
  • High-Touch technology: How to make your automatic answering system feel personal

About our guest expert:

Melinda Henning is the creator of the Doing Business by PhoneTM series of seminars for sales and customer service. Her clients include Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Informix, Oracle, Stanford University Hospital, the American Marketing Association, and many more.