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The One-Page Business Plan
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Jim HoranGuest Expert:

Jim Horan
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The Program:

Profitability is no accident — it takes a plan. This program may be the most important thing you can do to dramatically move your speaking and consulting business to new levels. In this program Jim Horan, author of the best-selling book The One Page Business Plan® shares how to turn your good intentions into solid profitable business by writing a very concise, yet very powerful one-page document. Is this another ho-hum course on business planning like the ten others you have attended? No way! Jim knows how to capture the essence of any business in just a few minutes using his innovative key word and short phrase technique. You will have a draft of your plan at the end of the hour.

Why does the One Page Business Plan work? It works for some very simple reasons. First, the One Page® system makes capturing your plans easy because it’s only one page! There is no room for fluff and filler; it also does not require a major commitment of time. Second, the key word and short phrase technique is very powerful because it encourages you to capture the essence of your thoughts without getting bogged down in the complexity of prose writing. Also, these are your words about your business, not some computer boilerplate, so they are meaningful. And finally, the process of committing your plan into writing means you have initiated the process of committing yourself to building a real business.

Learn how to create a blueprint for success that will leave your competitors in the dust and wondering where you came from!

What you will learn:

  • How to write a business plan on one page that will change your business forever.
  • The 5 essential ingredients every business plan must have to be successful.
  • How to write a vision statement that graphically describes any business in two sentences or less.
  • How to create a mission statement that describes why your customers want to buy.
  • How to design quantitative business and financial objectives that drive behavior and produce results.
  • How to craft strategies that every speaker and consultant must have in their plan.

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About our guest expert:

Jim Horan is an experienced Fortune 500 financial executive, entrepreneur and a small business expert. In the past ten years, he has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners make their businesses profitable with sustainable cash flow. Jim has a unique ability to take complex situations and make them simple.

Jim knows the entrepreneurial path well. He started the CFO Consulting Group in 1990 after almost two decades in senior financial positions with Shaklee Corporation and Bayer Pharmaceuticals. As a senior financial executive and consultant and his focus has always been on profitability and cash flow. However, he is fluent in all components of the business equation including sales, marketing, manufacturing, finance and accounting. Today CFO Consulting Group is a broad-based financial and business management consulting practice serving both startups and well-established companies throughout Northern California.

The One Page Business Plan Company is a division of the CFO Consulting Group and was established in 1998 to create a series of products to simplify the business of business with a particular emphasis on business planning products, workshops and consulting. The One Page Business Plan® product line is designed to serve entrepreneurs, small business owners and busy corporate professionals. The company’s first products built around the concept of the highly innovative One Page Business Plan® have been received exceedingly well by the entire business community. The One Page Business Plan® is now in its second year of being in the top 2% of amazon.com best-selling titles. The One Page Business Plan® Workshop remains one of the best attended and highest ranked workshops offered through the SBA. The company recently introduced its first web-based enterprise application, The One Page® Planning and Performance System.

Jim Horan is an experienced public speaker and talks frequently to national trade and professional organizations. His presentations, workshops and seminars are highly practical, filled with lots of useful information on building a profitable business and known for their high level of interactively. Participants always leave with new practical tools and highly motivated.


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