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The Ten Most Important Things to Do
to Finish Writing Your First Book

Mary MarcdanteGuest Expert:

Mary Marcdante
(About Mary)

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The Program:

Change the tape that says you just can’t find the time, the topic, the muse, or the right voice recognition software to write your book. Don’t let another year (or two or ten) go by without that masterpiece. Discover a powerful and immediately usable organizing system and support program that will keep you focused and writing. Find out what successful NSA speaker/authors recommend that will guarantee you’ll stop procrastinating and finish that bestseller you’ve been promising to write. Handouts and organizing system included.

You will learn:

  • The biggest hidden obstacle to finishing your book and how to overcome it
  • The two most important questions to answer to get you writing
  • How to leverage your speeches and audiences to help you write your book
  • How to organize your thoughts, stories, and research to make it easy to write
  • To use or not to use an agent, editor, co-writer, or ghost-writer
  • Three simple strategies to get you back on track when you start to procrastinate
  • The remarkable story of how Mary’s first book came to be written and published with a major NY publisher and how to use your intuition to guide your writing process

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About our guest expert:

Mary Marcdante is an inspiring and dynamic professional speaker who helps people talk about what’s important. For the past twenty years she has given over 1500 speeches, seminars, and workshops around the world to a diverse group of clients including the Deloitte & Touche, Kaiser Permanente, National Association of Women’s Health Professionals, Boeing, Hewlett Packard, and the IRS. An award-winning speaker, Mary has helped over 200,000 people improve their communication skills, make healthier choices, and take action to live their dreams.

Mary is a published author and writer who helps people remember what’s most important to them long after she has finished her speech. She is the author of My Mother, My Friend: The Ten Most Important Things To Talk About With Your Mother (Simon & Schuster, Mother’s Day 2001), and the postcard book, Inspiring Words for Inspiring People. She is a contributing author to three Chicken Soup books, and A Woman’s Way to Success in Business. She is also a regular contributor to client publications, and writes personal development articles for Skin, Inc., a national skin care salon owner’s industry magazine.

Mary is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. She founded her personal development company in 1980. Her business background includes vice president of marketing for the world’s leading technology futurist, award-winning fashion stylist for media and print, and image consultant to corporate America. Mary individually consulted with over 6,000 women and men, helping them project a more positive and professional image. Her advice was sought nationally and highlighted in a nationally released image video sponsored by Burlington Sheer Indulgence. Her educational experience includes a B.A. in Fashion Design from Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, graduate studies in Psychology and Art Therapy, and personal development seminars with leading experts in the human potential field over the past twenty years.

Mary is an industry and community leader who understands the needs of the meetings industry. She is the past president of the Wisconsin and San Diego chapters of the National Speakers Association (NSA), and the current chair of the NSA Meetings Industry Council. She is also a member of the National Association of Professionals in Women’s Health. Mary was a grand prizewinner in Self Magazine’s “Realize The Dream” contest for her work in helping women realize their potential.


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