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How to Build a Lifetime Empire Out of One Speech

Gordon BurgettGuest Expert:

Gordon Burgett
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Would you like to create a lifetime income from your core message? What key components must your speech, book or seminar include for you to create a half-dozen products that will supply you with ample—and passive—income? How do you find that magic idea that makes your heart soar and your purse swell?

One good idea can change your life and the world, if you know how to identify, develop, and share it. Converted into a core, signature speech, that idea’s planned expansion by one or many of a half-dozen, related means can quickly validate your expertise and bring you the kind of personal and financial rewards you deserve.

Who better to explain the process in one career-building hour than Gordon Burgett, author of Empire-Building by Writing and Speaking. Gordon explains the key steps of the process in his usual straightforward fashion, plus leads you to the tools and resources that will provide a solid foundation for your lifetime empire. For potential emperors or empresses only.

You will learn:

  • What ideas work best for empire building
  • What that core speech must contain to perform lifetime magic
  • How marketing costs decrease as expertise validation increases
  • Why a book or seminar may work as well as a signature speech
  • How to get universal identity as “the” spokesperson for your idea
  • Which information dissemination means work best for your idea
  • How to integrate your empire into your larger life plan
  • How to design a blueprint to replace active with passive income

More about our guest expert:

Gordon Burgett has offered 2,000+ paid spoken presentations, and currently speaks nationwide about three topics: “How to Publish Your Own Book in 30 Days or Less,” “Niche Publishing,” and “How to Plan a Great Second Life.” His newest published book, of 39, is How to Get Your Book Published Free in Minutes and Marketed Worldwide in Days. Gordon has published 1,700+ articles and been a member of NSA, IBPA, and ASJA for more than 25 years. He also has a free monthly newsletter and a blog about publishing, writing, speaking, and empire-building.


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