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E-Business Strategies for Speakers:
E-Products Equal E-normous Income

Tony AlessandraGuest Expert:

Tony Alessandra, Ph.D., CSP, CPAE
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The Program:

You've heard how some speakers earn big bucks from their e-commerce efforts. But how do you know where to start on a limited budget? What do you focus on for long-term income and the biggest ROI? How do you keep driving people to your Web site, increasing your ezine subscribers, and enlarging your product sales? Tony will share the strategies and ideas that have helped him duplicate his speaking fees with his e-products.

You will learn:

  • Strategies for creating your e-business products and processes that will ensure an ever increasing income stream.
  • How online, interactive products; e-learning programs; e-books; streaming audio products; and other products work,
  • What is the best place to start for creating e-products
  • How you can create a completely automated system so that once it's set up, you don't have to do a thing other than count the deposits into your checking account.
  • Ways you can build an email list and increase your sales with your ezine.

About our guest expert:

Dr. Tony Alessandra helps companies build customers, relationships, and the bottom-line. Audiences learn how to achieve market dominance through specific strategies designed to outmarket, outsell, and outservice the competition by applying Dr. Alessandra's high-tech and high-touch marketing, sales, service, and relationship-building skills.

Tony has a street-wise, college-smart perspective on business, having fought his way out of NYC to eventually realizing success as a graduate professor of marketing, entrepreneur, business author, and consultant. He offers audiences practical ideas that work and profitable bottom-line results.

Tony was inducted into the CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame in 1985, and is a member of the Speakers Roundtable, a group of 20 of the world's top professional speakers.

Tony is also a widely published author with 14 books, including Charisma, The Platinum Rule, Collaborative Selling, and Communicating at Work. He is featured in over 50 audio/video programs and films, including Relationship Strategies, The Dynamics of Effective Listening, and Non-Manipulative Selling.

He is the co-founder of MentorU.com, an online e-learning company of world-class business experts providing training, coaching, and mentoring utilizing the latest Internet technologies.


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