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Ed Primeau
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The Program:

How do you create a video brochure that gets you hired? What do you need to make sure you include and what must you never show? Too many times professional speakers have a poor video and don't know it, yet wonder why it doesn't bring them business. This program will help you create a video brochure that sells the value of your presentation. Learn from the lessons of Ed's 20 years working with professional speakers.

You will learn:

  • How to get great footage every time you videotape your presentation.
  • What goes into a great video brochure.
  • What you must make sure to exclude.
  • How to position yourself and your message to the appropriate audience.
  • How to source a videographer in the city you are speaking.
  • How much a video brochure should cost.

About our guest expert:

In 1984 Ed founded Primeau Productions, Inc., a full-service multimedia production company that works with professional speakers and entertainers to help them use multimedia to market their message and work with them to develop products that provide additional income without leaving their office. Primeau Productions has produced video brochures for Steve Rizzo, Stedman Graham, Bob Eubanks, Chuck Cote, Cherie Carter-Scott, Jeff Slutsky, Vince Poscente, Richard Thieme, Richard Hadden, Bonnie St. John, Terry Brock, Wally Bock and Bobbe White, to name a few.

Over the course of his 20-year career working with professional speakers, Ed has videotaped some of the greats like Og Mandino, Les Brown, Tom Brokaw, Zig Ziglar, and Governor Ann Richards of Texas.

He is past president of the National Speakers Association of Michigan as well as a chapter member of the year. One of his companies, Primeau Productions, Inc., frequently volunteers its services for the National Speakers Association.


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