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Growing Your Business in a Down Market

Mark LeBlancGuest Expert:

Mark LeBlanc
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The Program:

What does it take to get bookings in a down market? How do you get past the common objections and problems? What worked in the past doesn't work now, so you must know what works now to get business in the door. Mark shares his latest thinking and observations on a number of strategies and insights for getting your share of business in a crowded marketplace.

You will learn:

  • How to finally get focused, once and for all
  • An acceleration concept for producing results on a daily basis
  • The myth behind marketing and promotional tools
  • A new way to look at your fee schedule
  • Overcoming the trap speakers fall into when times are tough

According to Mark, there has never been a better time to be in this business. He will provide you with what you need to know and what you need to do, to thrive in the business of being an expert. He is the author of Growing Your Business!.

More about our guest expert:

Mark LeBlanc runs Small Business Success in Minneapolis. He works with and speaks for organizations that want their owners, members, or franchisees to grow their business or professional practice. His programs range from 30-minute keynote speeches to his three-day Achievers' Circle weekend business retreats.

Mark zeroes in on the core issues that owners and professionals face on a daily basis. He moves people in the right direction, challenges them to create an identity that supports them in the marketplace, and guides them in creating a laser-like focus. Understanding the marketing and selling process and creating a marketing game plan are central to his work.

Mark is an active member (since 1983) of the National Speakers Association and the 2007–08 past president.


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