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Create an Entire e-Published Product Line
from a Single e-Booklet Manuscript

Paulette EnsignGuest Expert:

Paulette Ensign
(About Paulette)

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The Program:

What you already know and speak about can become an entire saleable product line with little time, money, or effort -- based on one manuscript. You may be overwhelmed or hesitant about electronically published products. Or you may be stuck on how best to leverage what you already have. So many choices, so many ideas, so little time, so much confusion.

Leverage a single manuscript to make money with each and every format. Present an entire product line so all items contribute to your bottom line. Get past the challenge of getting started. We'll make this as easy as possible, regardless of your experiences with writing or technology.

This entertaining and information-packed teleseminar is sure to prompt a new way of thinking. Get your juices flowing and actions moving toward successfully creating an entire e-published product line by leveraging a single e-booklet manuscript.

You'll learn:

  • The easiest starting places for creating an entire e-Published product line
  • Simple ways to expand into a full range of products
  • Audiences who crave what you've got
  • How much information to tell -- why less is more
  • Developing a product line with no cost of goods or inventory
  • Tips for selecting one or more topics
  • Basic booklet manuscript size and style
  • Slicing and dicing the tips
  • Beyond the printed word
  • Pricing

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About our guest expert:

Paulette Ensign has personally sold almost a million copies of her own tips booklet, "110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life," without spending a penny on advertising. She's done this in both electronically and in hard copy, and did it with no formal business training, limited computer experience and enough guts and natural irreverence to figure it all out as she went. With a sense of humor and a "can-do" attitude, Paulette now shares her experiences with clients and audiences worldwide, through her consulting, speaking, teleclasses, and products.

Paulette made a cross-country move from New York to San Diego, California in 1996, without missing a beat in her business because of the role that booklets play.


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