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Beyond the Speech: How to Dramatically Increase
Your Clients’ Results and Your Income

Bill BachrachGuest Expert:

Bill Bachrach, CSP   (About Bill)

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The Program:

You know in your heart that a one-hour—or even a one-day—presentation rarely creates long-term change. Yet you don’t know how to create a system (which could include books, tapes, DVDs, software, workbook, coaching) that will truly help people make lasting changes—and compensate you well. Bill faced this same dilemma and knew he wanted to make a bigger difference in his audience’s lives beyond a one-hour or one-day program. He shares his decisions along the way and how you can take your content and create an ongoing system. Bill’s business generates well over $3 million annually thanks to these strategies that could help you move to a higher level, too.

Warning: this program is for professionals who really care about making a difference in others’ lives—or as Bill puts it, “this is for people who give a crap that someone does something with their content!”

You will learn:

  • What kind of content lends itself to an ongoing system
  • The questions to ask yourself to determine what kind of system will work for your material
  • How to sell a systems-approach before or after a one-time presentation
  • The pros and cons of having a system to implement
  • How other staff can support the users to get results
  • How having a system expands your revenue and personal satisfaction—and determining if is it worth the trouble

About our guest expert:

Bill Bachrach, CSP, is the author of the best-selling book Values-Based Selling: The Art of Building High-Trust Client Relationships for Financial Professionals. He is the creator of the Values-Based Selling® Mastery System, the Values-Based Selling® Academy, and the Trusted Advisor Coach® program for top-producers.

Bill is considered to be the industry’s leading resource for helping financial professionals make the transition from being salespeople to being Trusted Advisors. In January of 2001 the readers of Financial Planning Magazine named Bill Bachrach as one of the four most influential people in our business.

Values-Based Selling® and Values-Based Financial PlanningTM are widely acknowledged as the only proven, transferable methods for teaching financial professionals to predictably build high-trust client relationships. Many people and books talk about the importance of creating trust but nobody other than Bill tells you exactly how to do it.

Bill has given well over 1000 presentations world-wide at some of the industry’s most prestigious conferences, including 4 appearances at The Million Dollar Round Table, 7 appearances at The Financial Planning Association Success Form, and 2 appearances at MDRT Top of the Table.

Top-producers invest $17,500 to be one of 30 people in a one-year personal coaching program with Bill Bachrach. He conducts the Values-Based Selling® Academy twice per year and he has a daily accountability and weekly mentoring program called the BeingDoneTM Study Group.


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