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Establish Client MasterMind Groups
for Ongoing, Significant Income and Results

Steve MillerGuest Expert:

Steve Miller
(About Steve)

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The Program:

Want to have the same group pay to work with you every single quarter? Would you like to know how to have this group be an important income source, including referrals, speeches, consultations, product sales and other projects? Would you like to have a more in-depth impact with your clients without your having to know all the answers?

Steve shares how he established and runs what he calls his “Clubs” — what we might call an über-mastermind group. He attributes 90% of his business in the last 10 years to the two groups he put together and runs. He shares how he started, how he gets members, what goes on in the meetings and in between, how he gets income from the members, and his secret for their never wanting to leave.

You will learn how to:

  • Establish a group, no matter what your industry niche.
  • Put together a group, from the first invitation to criteria for membership.
  • Charge for your services.
  • Spin other business from your group members and their colleagues
  • Facilitate group interactions between meetings
  • Create golden handcuffs by offering a service no one wants to let go of.

More about our guest expert:

Steve Miller is first and foremost Kelly’s Dad, and Kay’s first husband.

Steve is a visionary in the trade show industry.

He is a student, teacher, and designated thinker of curious, forward thinking, and continually restless (defined as dissatisfied with status quo) organizations. He operates a virtual strategic laboratory developing practical tools for applying the concepts that flow from his research and experience. (OK, he’s a consultant.)

The essence of Steve’s work is to develop creative and implementable ideas that create value propositions for associations, and corporations. Steve has been variously called a change agent, alchemist, visionary, gadfly, and pain-in-the-butt. Some people actually don’t like him, and even say bad things about him.

His clients are unquestionably elite, and in his own words, “very way cool people,” including 15 of Tradeshow Week’s Top Twenty expositions and many Fortune 100 corporations.


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