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Digging for the Treasures in Your Stories

Emory AustinGuest Expert:

Emory Austin, CSP, CPAE
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The Program:

You have some fabulous stories that regale friends and colleagues. Some are funny, others poignant, others are just bizarre. You want to tell them in your presentations, but you can’t figure out a point. Or maybe your stories, if closely scrutinized, would reveal too much “I” and not enough “you” so your audience members aren’t as connected as they could be. Or possibly your quest for absolute accuracy has you leaving in too many details which distract your audience. Or perhaps you’ve become so in love with a story you make it a part of every presentation. And it has doubled in size as you add more detail to it with each telling.

If any of these sound remotely like you, then come listen to a master storyteller give you her wise counsel on how to make your presentations truly come alive and become seared in your audience’s mind. Emory shares her insights into how to tell indelible stories that will make you and your presentation unforgettable.

You will learn:

  • How you could use a lesson-teaching story to illustrate more than is currently the case.
  • How to turn one-sided stories into more universal points without losing specificity to the audience who is hearing you.
  • Whether you’re hung up on being “totally honest,” reporter-style, as you relate a life experience that has taught you something.
  • Whether you are taking too much platform time to tell a story because you may be overly connected with it. How could shortening it make it more punchy?
  • How to better use your own unique “talent” to make a more effective story.

More about our guest expert:

Emory Austin is an internationally sought-after expert and speaker with “a brand new way to deliver a message.” Her extraordinary gifts as a storyteller/strategist open a path for connecting life lessons to practical insights. Emory’s presentations are unforgettable, growth-focused, and delightfully humorous. Clients line up to hear and to use her well-defined approaches to leadership, change, balance, customer service and teamwork. It’s all about subjective human attitudes and action choices in an objective electronic world, and Emory builds a strong bridge between the two that is unifying and exciting.

Emory was chosen in 1999 as the recipient of the National Speakers Association’s highest honor, the Council of Peers Award for Excellence — Speaker Hall of Fame — for her expertise, style, professionalism, reputation, and overwhelming audience response.

Emory’s focus is on creating the professional culture that can produce the changing solutions required for success in today’s chameleon-like climate. Our e-culture world is hungry for solutions that build balance between cold technology and warmer people skills. Emory’s experience with leading international minds is a driving force in her acute analysis of ways to make this happen.


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