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Ten Things Infopreneurs Must Know Now
to Protect Their Intellectual Property

Victoria SteinGuest Expert:

Victoria Stein, JD
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As a speaker, author, or consultant are you concerned about:

  • Audience members taking your signature stories and retelling them as their own?
  • Other presenters hijacking your techniques and titles?
  • Clients blatantly using your copyrighted handouts for their own training programs?

This happens much more often than you realize and can cost you much more money than you imagine!

Have you searched the Web and been shocked to discover that people you don’t know are profiting from your articles, speeches, and books? Have you been appalled to find others using your material verbatim on their blogs and websites? Have you been left speechless when an attendee came up to you after your presentation and said, “I loved that story the first time I heard it at a seminar given by X”? All this without attribution, permission, or compensation to you.

In this program, you will learn:

  • To think about your intellectual property (IP) in a new way
  • How theft of your IP occurs
  • Steps to take if someone’s domain name infringes on your trademark
  • What to do if your creative work is copied/used without your permission
  • How to market and pitch without losing your IP rights
  • Several effective ways to protect your “crown jewels”
  • The legal protections available to you to take back your IP

Ignorance of your intellectual property rights is not bliss. With the burgeoning global impact of e-commerce, others can easily steal your proprietary materials and not pay you a cent — unless you take the specific steps outlined in this eye-opening, take-notes-as-fast-as-you-can program.

More about our guest expert:

Victoria Stein, J.D., focuses on teaching, counseling and consulting with infopreneurs (writers, consultants and speakers) who want to exponentially grow their businesses.

Victoria operated a thriving private law practice in Seattle for 15 years. Thereafter, she became a Pro Tem Court Commissioner (judge).

While the black robe was indeed slimming, Victoria followed another passion and in 2005, she founded Dovetail Strategies International, providing professional speaking, consulting and training services to infopreneurs. As author of the book Who Let the Broads Out?, she teaches women how to stay and play in the corporate game while retaining their integrity. She has also authored a psychological thriller series based on her knowledge of serial rapists and their victims.

Victoria consults with professionals who want to develop and protect their intellectual capital. She also provides expert assistance to entrepreneurs by offering one-on-one coaching in financial, licensing, corporate collaborations and contract negotiation.

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