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Using Multimedia On and Off the Internet
to Explode Your Income
and the Impact You Have on Your Clients

Bob ScheinfeldGuest Expert:

Bob Scheinfeld
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You know that to maximize your income and ability to help your clients, you need to have products to sell that go beyond your speaking gigs. But how do you design them for maximum impact and how do you sell them with maximum efficiency and profitability — including on the Internet?

Bob Scheinfeld explains his rarely-shared mind-blowing techniques for using multimedia (audio + video + text) to design your products and also promote them on the Internet. If you’ve heard him before, you know he’s on the cutting edge. You know he delivers information in easy-to-understand style. What he shares on this call is brand new.

You will learn:

  • The 7 things you absolutely must know about using multimedia in product design and promotion
  • How you can dramatically increase your sales and profits by using multimedia
  • What to include — and exclude — in your sales and product “presentations”
  • What equipment and software you need to work your multimedia magic
  • How to easily apply what you learn and “get the job done”
  • Plus so much more ...

You don’t want to miss this one!

More about our guest expert:

For more than 20 years, Bob Scheinfeld has been helping people create extraordinary results, in less time, with less effort, and much more fun. His passion is helping others carve out and live what he calls their “Ultimate Lifestyle.”

Bob is the grandson of Aaron Scheinfeld, who founded Manpower Inc., the world’s largest temporary help service. Manpower is currently #144 on the Fortune 500 list with sales of $19 billion a year.

When Bob was just 12, Aaron began teaching him his little known success and wealth building secrets — but passed away before he could finish explaining the complete system. Bob spent the next two decades applying what he learned, and scrambling to gather up the missing pieces of how his Grandfather amassed his wealth and became so successful in the other key areas of life.

Along the way Bob became a millionaire (and self-proclaimed stressed-out maniac), plunged more than $153,000 in debt, and spent seven years struggling with “Murphy” (of “Murphy’s Law” fame) before discovering the missing pieces, re-building his business empire, becoming a multimillionaire, transforming the other aspects of his life and beginning to live what he now calls “The Ultimate Lifestyle.”

Bob is the bestselling author of The Invisible Path to Success and The 11th Element. He’s also an 11-year veteran of applying cutting-edge sales and marketing strategies and has had in-the-trenches experience of creating hugely profitable multi-million dollar businesses (on and off the Internet).

Most recently, Bob helped grow Blue Ocean Software from $1 million to $44 million in less than four years, resulting in the company being named three times to the Inc. Magazine Inc. 500 list. That tremendous growth, accompanied by outrageous profitability, led to Blue Ocean being acquired by software giant Intuit for $177 million.

He also played a key role in growing a computer store franchise company called Connecting Point of America from $90 million to $350 million in sales. In addition, the marketing model and system Bob created has been used to pack the room at Tony Robbins multimedia seminars.


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