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Insider Secrets to Promoting
Your Services and Products on Craigslist
to Gain Free Worldwide Publicity

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Nancy Mills
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You want lots of publicity for your services and products. You don't want to pay a fortune for it. Craigslist.org, the free online community board used by 10 million people monthly, offers an amazing publicity tool for publicity at no cost, in 190 cities all over the world. But you must know how to use it properly and effectively -- otherwise you're wasting your time.

Write a newsletter? Teach teleseminars, workshops, classes? Sell products or consult to others? Are you a speaker, consultant, coach, author, event promoter? Then Craigslist is your promotional dream come true.

But in order to use Craigslist effectively for publicity you *must* know the strategy for your particular promotion, and use a writing style that is Craigslist-specific. And there are rules -- lots of them -- otherwise you'll get kicked off the site.

Nancy Mills, a Craigslist media pro, will share her insider tips gleaned from 3 years of using Craigslist to promote her and her clients' workshops, teleseminars, products, newsletters, and more. She finds 90% of her workshop attendees and Web hits come from Craigslist. She maintains Craigslist is the most invaluable PR tool of ANY kind for ANY business.

You will learn:

  • Why Craigslist is such a valuable tool for anyone promoting their products/services and why you're paddling with only one oar if you're not using it.
  • How to decide exactly which cities to choose for posts to generate the most exposure.
  • Why you should spend more time thinking about the strategy of posting instead of just posting.
  • Why you can't post the same news item over and over -- and how to get around this rule so you reach people in multiple cities.
  • What you should do when you first arrive at the Craigslist Web site -- Nancy says this will save you lots of time later.
  • A trick that you *can* use that will pull visitors to your Web site.
  • Why the writing style of a Craigslist post should be very different than the standard press release.
  • Etiquette you must follow so you use Craigslist properly, ethically and intelligently.
  • How to know if your strategy is working.

More about our guest expert:

Nancy Mills has been successfully involved in public relations for over 20 years. In the '80s, she owned Nancy Mills Public Relations, a Beverly Hills PR agency specializing in entrepreneurs. At the time, traditional PR was her forte. Press kits, press releases, media placement (national and local -- newspapers, magazines, radio and TV), photo shoots, and more.

In the '90s, she moved over to the media side of the business and became a rather well known freelance journalist. She began as a columnist for "The Hollywood Reporter." Her specialty was travel and she freelanced for 50+ top newspapers and magazines. Many of her newspaper stories ran front page in the travel section.

Also in the '90s, she founded "Travelin' Woman," a fee-based monthly hardcopy newsletter for women who love to travel. That led to inspirational seminars. Basic concept: Ordinary Women Who Do Extraordinary Things Through Travel. Rand-McNally became her sponsor, and over 3,000 women attended the seminars nationwide, which received a lot of press coverage.

In the 2000s, Nancy segued from travel writing to inspirational writing for women. In 2001, she completed the manuscript "Spirited Woman," and from that touchstone she now teaches workshops, moderates teleseminars with famous women authors and actresses, sells Spirited Woman products, and is known as the creator of Spirited Woman, a very inspired woman's empowerment community. Over 2,000 women internationally subscribe to the free Spirited Woman Newsletter.

To put Spirited Woman centrally on the "Web" map (not easy to do with a $0 budget) she created a 30+ page blog-centric Web site (TheSpiritedWoman.com). She's written EVERY word of copy, publicized the site in every way known to man or woman -- Craigslist, Ezine and Web portal articles, on-line calendars, forums, links, Web-specific press releases, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, blogs and other Web sites - and along the way learned about search engines, increasing business sales, and gaining more recognition.

Recently, in addition to Spirited Woman, she has begun Nancy Mills Communications, a freelance-oriented, project-based PR business, combining her PR and web skills. She is considered an expert on using Craigslist for publicity purposes, writing Web-specific press releases, utilizing forums and blogs to create buzz, using online calendars to generate interest, and ezine/online article writing. She also understands the value of how PR affects search engine optimization.

Nancy graduated from UCLA with a BA in Psychology. She is also a member of PEN USA. Currently, clients from Africa to Tulsa, Oklahoma, use her community-based web PR services. And in case you're interested, she loves to dance and read murder mysteries.


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